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Paint Umbrellas for peace – Matt Lamb’s exhibition @ AUK

As posted previously about Matt Lamb’s Art exhibition in AUK, I went today with my friend to check his art pieces out.

I really found his paintings abnormal and somehow inspiring. Full of colors with a harsh brush stroke.


I was then directed by one of the security ladies to the out side to do some umbrella painting. I was really excited =D

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Young Kuwaiti Classical Musicians’ Concert

Dar Al- Athar will be hosting fresh new Kuwaiti talents on Oct. 12th at 7 pm. Its a classical music concert that will be featuring young talents as:

1- Lolwa Al-Shamlan (Pianist)
2- Salim Al-Mathkoor (Violinist)
3- Faisal Al-Bahairi (Pianist)

Lolwa Al-Shamlan is a very young Kuwaiti girl studying piano professionally in the UK.

Salim Al-Mathkoor will play some of the most favourtie music for the Violin, including Monti’s Czardas, Brahms 5th rhapsody, and  Korsakov’s Flight of the bumble bee.

The concert will end with Chopin’s 2nd piano concerto Op.21 with Professional string quartet accompanying Faisal Al-Bahairi!

The concert has a Free Entrance policy, but seats are limited. Be at least 5 minutes before the concert.

check here for more updates and information.

I personally can’t wait!

Loyac’s Part Time Program Registration

Loyac’s part time program applications will be starting on the 5th of October! Such a great opportunity for those who are still studying. Unfortunately, I’m not a student anymore!

Click here for registration. The button will be activated tomorrow!

“This program provides the students in Universities/colleges and Institutes the opportunity to have paid part-time work beside their academic commitment to utilize their spare time and gain valuable professional experience before graduation. Participant has to work between 8-20 hours per week. At the end of the program he/she has to finish 120 hours in order to receive a certificate from LoYAC and from job site.”

Schedule for PartTime Program 2012:

Registration Starting from
: 5 October 2011
Interviews on
: October 2011
Orientation Meeting
: December 2011
Program Start
: 5th December 2011
Program End
: 5th February 2012

Al Yaal is looking for volunteer writers & photographers

Interested in writing or photography? Want to volunteer?

“Al Yaal is Kuwait’s first nationwide marine conservation initiative to mobilize all factions of society to protect Kuwait’s rich marine ecosystem. Through preventive and reactive measures such as clean-up activities, education, advocacy and community ownership, Al Yaal aspires to include volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, companies, government agencies, educational institutions and local media in its efforts to preserve Kuwait’s coastal environment.”

Press here to access Al Yaal’s website.

Tora Bora workshop at LAPA

If you like drama, and would like to learn about the experience of making a movie, then take the chance at Loyac.

“Tora Bora workshop at LAPA for aspiring directors/actors. Tora Bora cast and crew will be present to discuss the making of the film and to share their experiences in cinematic and theatrical arts.
Date : Saturday 17th 2011 till friday 23rd Sept.

Location : LAPA Studios @ LoYAC.

for inquiries call Ahmed : 96653377

Lapa will be hosting TORA BORA workshop week starting with free screening of Tora bora movie at Laila Gallery on Friday Sep 16Th 2011.”

Check Loyac’s website or Blogyac’s post for more information.

en.v Opens Applications for the REUSE 5.0 Exposition

“The en.v Initiative (en.v), an organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world, opens applications to book exhibition spaces for the REUSE exposition. In its fifth year, REUSE 5.0 will be held in February of 2012 at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK).”

“The application process for exhibition spaces at REUSE 5.0 is open to companies, retail boutiques, galleries, restaurants, social initiatives, students and creative professionals.  All applicants must exhibit a dedication to eco-friendly causes such as recycling, fair trade production, organic farming, and so forth. To apply, email reuse@envearth.com with a short description of your business / offering and a member of en.v’s team will provide you with the necessary documentation to secure your space.”

I’m excited already! I had the chance to visit reuse 3.0 and 4.0 and they were magnificent! You can smell the youth creativity all over the place =D. I wish to see many more creative things this year.

For more information please contact:
The en.v Initiative
Tel: +965 2252- 4614
Fax: +965 2252-4615
Email : env@envearth.com
Web: http://www.envearth.com

I will leave you with some pictures from previous reuse events!

P.S: Pictures are from different sources.

Reuse 3.0  @ Avenues Garage & Reuse 4.0 @ ACK

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Photography Competition – Through 9ura.com

A great chance for all the photographers in Kuwait or the Gulf. If you love photography, this is a great way to participate with your photoes.

9ura is a Kuwait-based entity created to showcase talents and educate people about the Middle East through photography.
They are currently organizing a photo competition which is open to everyone. The theme of the competition will be Environments in the GCC (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman).
You can submit one photograph for each available category. The categories are culture, nature and urban.

The competition started on August 15th until October 15h.

You can know more about this through checking 9ura’s website, facebook, or twitter.

I`m really interested in it as I am in a photography challenge myself =D

Loyac’s “9efna `3air” final event

I was invited by Loyac to their final “9efna `3er” event in 360 mall last Thursday. This summer was absolutely different!

I was surprised by the increasing number of volunteering committees and the passion the students had put in their work.

I posted two videos earlier that were made by Loyac’s committees I will provide the links at the end of this post.

The event also involved an act by Loyac’s Drama club directed by Dr. Nagy Sourati one of  the Star Academy Judges and an interesting Music  act by “Flamengo”  Music Band.

It was an event full of both the elements of fun and raising awareness!

Good Job Loyac, Keep it up!

Animal Awareness Video

Traffic Awareness Video