FA Gallery P2BK 5th Exhibition

This photo is by :buzberry

I went to the opening of the 5th P2BK exhibition and I`m glad that I did. I enjoyed almost every booth there and tried to update my head with so many creative things that are happening in Kuwait and the Gulf region. I will not make a whole post about it nor I will write about every single thing I saw there (impossible!) but I will share with you what I thought was unique, impressive and worth knowing about.

I started of course in FA Gallery booth as I can smell a painting from distance.

Beautiful work of art by:

Mohammad Sharaf 

1- That’s How We Watch the World – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

2- Prison Wont Keep Me Silent – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

Talal al-Maiaan – Digital Print on Canvas

I love his work, especially that it has calligraphy.

A beautiful one with calligraphy and Islamic patterns. The color is so deep that it made me mesmerized. It’s like it has no end.

Those ones are also by the same artist. I love the colors, the famous old Arab characters and the calligraphy. Such paintings would definitely look good in a modern style living room.

You can check FA Gallery facebook page here for more information about their events and expos.

P2BK Expo to be continued…


Suppprt Kuwait Dive Team

Ford motor company conservation and environmental grants supported by UNESCO have made their decision. Now it’s your turn to return the favor for the Kuwait Dive Team as they are helping constantly to clean our gulf.

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A group of Kuwaiti volunteers who perform activities and projects contributing to protecting and rehabilitating marine environment since 1986. The team is part of the Kuwait Environment Protection Society which in turn is recognized by the United Nation.Kuwait Dive Team’s values are teamwork, organizational work, leadership, distinction, sacrifice, patriotism, dedicated environmental projects, and voluntary work.

* Lifting submerged ships and vessels, rescuing marine creatures, pulling fishing nets, concrete protectorates, and coastal environments.
* Environmental filed
* International field
* International presence
* International media participation
* Artistic field
* Documentary, media, and photography field
* Training field
* General activities field

Lovely crazy early wedding gift

I was in Centerpoint today when I saw this beautiful champagne glass. And I immediately thought about my cousin who will be getting married soon! This can be an early wedding gift for them to use in the wedding (You know the tradition of drinking water or juice from one glass) and they can get to place this nice memory in their new house. I`m just so excited about the idea. I wanted to get one of them myself, but that would be too crazy right?

I just love weddings =’)

Halloum is back! Many thanks Froyonation

Yes I am back! All fresh and new.

Many Thanks to Froyonation’s blog owner D. who spent many hours trying to Design my beautiful header and theme (because I suck in such things). We had a really good time creating, moving and changing things. D. also gave me some blogging advices that shall be very helpful.

It was a collaborative work…(not really, D. was designing and I was drinking my lemon juice and throwing some lame jokes)

So yes, this “Collaborative Work” changed this:


into what you see up there in my Blog.

Thank you Froyonation!

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