A naked ignorant or an educated covered?

What does women liberation mean? The concept of the liberation of women has been misinterpreted for decades. What kind of freedom does a woman want? And when can we call a woman free?

Women have started their revolution asking for simple and basic life rights for over a hundred years for now. And their revolution has never finished, and will never finish until each and every woman is educated.

Many women and men in different communities believe that women should take off their clothes and walk naked to be called open minded and liberated. Others think that not getting married is liberation by itself! Amputating needs, desires, and naturalism from their lives is another reason for women to think that they feel liberated. Powerful political positions are sometimes a goal for “liberated” women.

But what if that female president, or that famous businesswoman, was not doing what she really wants? Only forced by her “liberated thoughts” and the “liberated society” to be whatever she is?

This kind of problem is facing not only women but human beings in general. Everyone seems to be looking for what is hard to get, and what they don’t have, and start drawing their life lines trying to reach it. Everybody wants what they don’t have and should have instead of looking at what they have and should use. I believe that God provide tools for each and every human on this earth, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, beliefs, and status in the society. Those tools are for them to use wisely to benefit themselves and the humanity. If one keeps looking for what they don’t have, he/she will always be disappointed, angry, and frustrated. One should use what he/she has and be creative.

So again, a woman doesn’t need to take of her clothes to be free. Nor she has to let go neither her values nor her beliefs to be free and liberated. Liberation is a matter of choice. If you choose to get naked then you are free, and if you choose to be covered then you are free as well.

However, freedom and liberation need education as education provides the human with the ability to know how to choose, what to choose, and let people choose! Education is at the end the only way to any possible freedom and liberation. A liberated person must be educated, and an educated human deserves liberation. As the German philosopher and writer J.W. von Goethe once said “There is nothing worse than ignorance in action.”

Everyone should get over their genders and start working for themselves, their society, and the rest of the world. And remember that “It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple: one must be a woman manly, or a man womanly.”


On why I love Kuwait

Waking up this morning, trying to shoo all the bad ideas of the things that are happening around the world. Just trying to think about the present and where I am. And why I consider myself lucky for ever living in this country.

If you have ever lived in Kuwait, you would know what it is to be like always looking up for the future, trying to make things better. If you have ever lived in Kuwait, you would know what it is like for a country that is doing its best to assure its people the best opportunities in the world.

I love Kuwait because it’s cosmopolitan, yet traditional. It have never lost its sense of heritage and antiquity. I love Kuwait because I can have waffle for breakfast, Machboos for lunch, and Kabab and fattoush for dinner.I love Kuwait because one piece of news can be in everyone’s mouth for less than two hours. I love Kuwait because whenever you needed a time for yourself, you can always head to the maximum 30 minutes away beach or desert. I love Kuwait because everyday there is something new and exciting going on.

I love Kuwait because if you talk about your childhood memories in this country, 7/10 people from the same age group  would have the same memories with you. I was born in 1990, if you are in a similar age, who have never played in Future Kids games arcade in Muthanna Complex in Kuwait city? Who have never sat on the fake turtles next to the Green Island? Who have never collected McDonalds toys that are so different from today’s and played in their play ground in gulf street branch?

I know if I started talking I’d never finish. I’ll stop and make you finish, whether here or in your heads.

All I wish for this day, now while the rain is falling, is for every Kuwaiti Citizen to think twice of what they got. To grab in their hands all the opportunities their country is providing them, and never take it for granted.

Forever peaceful, and forever unique.

To you Kuwait


Dangerous Dave – A childhood revenge


I was never obsessed with video games nor computer games. However, this game ‘Dangerous Dave’ was really popular in my school when I was about 6-8 years old. I didn’t have a computer at home at that time, so all I had is 30 minutes in my computer class to win it. And I barely reached stage 5. Which sucked really bad. I don’t remember when was the last time I ever played or recalled this game, and I don’t really know how I remembered it today and started Googling it! I’ve been playing it for few hours now and I’m barely reaching stage 5 too! When I first started playing the sounds just moved me back to the 90’s, full of new achievements and developments in technology. I thought maybe I couldn’t win it because I was fool and young. But no =( The game is so hard! I wonder if any of you have played it before. If you haven’t, just open it here and see how the 90’s sounded like. It’s always good to go back =)

I`m back

It feels so good to listen again to the fast clicks my fingers are making on the keyboard! After many ups and downs I`m here to write again. I don’t remember the last time I was here checking the blog and the comments. I don’t know the main reason behind stopping for a while, yes I was really busy with work and other issues. Or the weather this year in Kuwait was so good that I felt guilty sitting at home. But maybe because I felt that I need time for myself to absorb more things and let it swim up there in my head without sharing it with you guys (you may want to call it selfishness, I don’t mind). But hoping that I will come back with fresh ideas and perspectives since many things have changed in my life. During that time were I was not writing, I had the chance to face my biggest fears, to bond with my family and friends, spend some quality time reading, and last but not least planning things a head for next year. I got offers to study abroad to complete my masters degree in one of my favorite courses, which is great. I don’t know where my life is heading right now, but I`m sure it’s all for the best!

I miss all of your contributions, your comments and your arguments.

With love,


To change or to run away? That’s the question

I really miss reading. It’s been like forever since I’ve read a heavy book. I have recently (couple of months ago) started reading Orientalism by Edward Said, but I haven’t been able to get through the introduction yet. Not because it is hard, but some books, especially this one, need to be studied carefully. And to be honest, I don’t have the time. Although I love literature and Orientalism in English literature, but it seems so hard to find the time to sit and focus. However, since then, I read 4 Arabic books, from novels to poetry which I will be writing about soon. I haven’t read Arabic books for a long time, but I like the fact that they take less time to be done. I think I will be reading more Arabic books in the upcoming weeks, they reflect a different feeling inside of me, something familiar, which takes me deep inside, not far away.  So, at the end of this long day, and the beginning of a new day, I would say that; you shouldn’t just read to take yourself away from reality, read to remind yourself your reality. This will make you see it clearer and from a different perspective, hence change it. Witty enough?

Do it if you suck at it – 2

In my quest to try new things and go through experiences that I’ve never thought I will be involved in (you may want to read the original post) I got myself a humble painting kit to discover my abilities! I cannot even call it a kit, just acrylic color tubes, brushes with different sizes (you know for my creative little details to be perfect), and canvas!

I am so excited and I cannot wait to open those tubes and starting painting! I hope I can find some time soon! As for my first painting that I made using a cotton stick and black acrylic, I don’t know if I should keep it as it is or ad some colors to it, what do you think?

Don’t laugh! Ok laugh, whatever, I don’t care, it’s not like I have hopes! I know my abilities, but it’s just something I want to do for fun, is there anything wrong with that? And IF, IF you think of buying this painting, I`m telling you right away that it is not for sale. Unless I get a really good offer then, who knows?

Food speaks at Chef Boutique

You know when the garlic starts to speak, and olive oil start to dance? When the mushroom is the best thing you’ve ever seen and the wooden spoon is your magic stick? Sounds like a fairy tale but it is the truth! I tried cooking at home before, but it wasn’t as much fun as this class offered to me and a bunch of other fellow bloggers in Kuwait by Chef Boutique.

It was my first class and so far the best! The place is neat, the people are nice and friendly, the chef is a master and the company is fun!

It was the Italian night, and we made Eggplant, Capsicum, Pesto and Goat’s Cheese Salad. And the main dish was the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pesto Penne. It was my first time cooking professionally, but it went just fine! I burned the onions, split some water into the Pesto sauce, but it only affected the color, not the taste! We got to watch the process by the chef, applying it on our own ingredients and of course, celebrating ourselves by eating it together! Basma 13cups was kind enough to bring us delicious flour free cakes! The whole evening was incredible and the experience was exciting and worth trying, and I would certainly love to do it again.

Chef boutique has a totally new concept towards the experience of cooking, you may want drop by their website or follow them on twitter for any inquiries.

Special thanks to Chef Boutique management, Chef Ismail,  Basma , and of course the spirit of all the bloggerswho were there for making it such a special class!

A message from me

I know I haven’t been writing lately, and even if I am, it is just announcements about interesting things that are going around. I’ve been very preoccupied lately with so many interesting experiences and subjects to write about, but what I lack is enough peaceful time to just sit and think. Thanks everyone for their nice comments and messages. It means everything to me when I get your feedback. I hope I will be on track soon! Thank you for being patient with me.

Just enjoy the sound of clicking on this

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.”

“I really have to say that I`m almost 22 and I barely remember anything special I’ve done in the several back years. It really made me feel frustrated as I feel that I`m so exhausted and pressured from many things around me. My day goes really fast and I barely feel it. They say when time goes fast that means you are doing a good thing by spending it. Well, even if I am doing a good thing as they say, not wasting any minute, where are those special moments in each and everything I do? I know they are there but do I feel them?”

These series of thoughts were banging my head under the shower (they usually do). Then I remembered one of my university professors saying once that zooming into each thing you do no matter how simple is it, looking at it from a very different angle, will certainly make you feel different about it, be thankful for it, and simply enjoy it.

Then here I am, enjoying each and every  hot drop of water in the shower with the smell of the shampoo. One could actually rub his body with cream while thinking of something else, why not feeling the nice mixture of the cream, touching your dry skin, then looking at your skin, moist and glowing?  Why not when you hold a pencil and write something, zoom into the word and you will find art in it?  Why not enjoying the feeling of wearing clean clothes, good smell, smooth and cozy ? Or enjoying drinking water when you are really thirsty, how this transparent liquid swims to touch your lips, tongue teeth and throat? The endless list can go on and on.

Seems that if you concentrate on everything you are doing (like enjoying the sound of my fingers typing on the key board now) the quote above “Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” would actually work.

This reminds me of my dream of having a house in the country side some where in this world and just enjoy those forgotten moments.

You don’t have to listen to the whole song as I think it’s actually racist.

Do it if you suck at it. Why not?

I was having those horrible days for no specific reason. Nothing actually happened to me and turned off the light announcing a period of unhappiness. I was just there, trying to live my days to the fullest, enjoying the Eid break and the beautiful weather welcoming the short Kuwaiti winter. I finished my work, took a hot shower turned off my cell phone. I grabbed a small piece of canvas (which I only bought because it was extremely cheap), black Folk Art acrylic paint (I almost forgot why I have it in the first place), and a cotton stick. I soaked the stick into the paint, and started drawing nonsense, wishing I was a talented artist. Then I thought (if you are still reading), why shouldn’t I buy myself nice acrylic color collection? And the devil on my left started jumping saying: because you can’t draw nor paint! The same reason I buy lovely notebooks and don’t write, because I don’t think what I write will be good enough. The same reason I don’t cook, because I think I won’t be good enough. I realized at that point that I still don’t know what I`m good at. Like many people in this world. I know what I like, I know what I dislike, but I actually don’t know what’s the degree of production that I`ll be able to produce in this world, and how much effect I am capable of printing into the minds and hearts of people around me. I then realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of painting because I suck at it, nor should I be afraid of writing because I don’t have such an exciting thing to tell. I shall paint because I can hold a brush in my hand, and I shall write because I know how to hold a pencil in my hand. I shall sing because I have a voice, and I shall cook because I can taste. It’s going crazy in my head but I can see that I`ll be having some interesting time soon!