Valentina Maria Baginska @ DAI’s Music Night

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this special music night at DAI, although I know it’s going to be my loss! I have attended two musical concerts for Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska and I loved them all. I also was lucky enough to attend their Polish traditional music night celebrating the national day of Poland. However I lost the pictures and the videos I took that day and I was unable to write about it! It was a really special night with lots of beautiful folklore music that sticks to your head.

You can watch and listen to that night’s music here. ( Enjoy it )

If you have and extra hour on Wednesday, I suggest you go there to enjoy the marvelous talent of that amazingly humble and talented lady and her son.

Performers :
Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska – Organ
Karol Kusmider – Cello, Presenter, Assistant

Baroque Music Concert featuring organ and cello. Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska and Karol Kusmider will present Baroque music of British, Danish, French, German and Italian composers.

14th March 2012, 
7 p.m
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre


Piano Carnival by Rybak and Royanov @DAI

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough not to miss the Piano Carnival that was held at Al-Maidan Cultural Center. The pianists were Bartek Rybak and Ilgiz Royanov.

The program consisted of

  • Fryderyk Chopin – Rondo in C Major Op. 73
  • Camille Saint- Saens – The Carnival of Animals
  • Darius Milhaud – Scaramouche Op. 165b.

You may think I`m so ignorant but it was my first time to know that there was something called ‘The Carnival of animals” it was so amazing I felt as if I`m in a jungle, and the two pianists played it perfectly with their hearts as u can see their facial expressions that chance with the change of the parts. The carnival of animals consist of 14 parts, my favorite was the Royal March of the lion, the elephant, and the aquarium.

You can enjoy the youtube video below like I did for the last several days. I was playing it since I got back from that piano concert.

Kuwaiti Nihma with Spanish Flamenco @ DAI

Amazing music night at al-Maidan Cultural Center by Hamad al-Ammari, Mohammed al-Ghareeb and Hassan Juma.

I`m not a fan of Spanish music, but that night was absolutely different.  The music, the body language, and the harmony between the three musicians is unbelievable. The spirit on that theater was very positive and energetic. The only thing I was sorry for that there was no dance floor!

A musical Portrait by: Valentina Maria Baginska @ DAI

I know it is late since I went to Dar Al- Athar Al- Islamiya’s musical night couple of weeks ago, but I really have to talk about this one. I will say that I was shocked at the beginning for the kind of music produced as I went there with no knowledge at all about the kind of music that I will be listening to. But Valentina Maria Baginska, was able to produce a whole orchestra by herself.

Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska is a mature European artist with international achievements as a concert organist, pianist, choir and orchestra conductor, music professor, juror, lecturer and impresario.

So what do you expect? The pieces she played were composed by Marian Sawa who was a remarkable personality in the history of Polish music. I cannot  deny that this kind of music was very new and modern to me, at some points I felt I was inside a church in Europe. However,  some pieces seemed familiar, where other were extremely violent like ‘Ecce Lugnum Crucis’

Maestro  Baginska is a very lovable character, you can feel that she’s playing from her soul. Each piece was described by her son (who you can see him in the picture above).

It was a new experience and such a  refreshing night

I recorded this humble bad quality video (sorry for that) and I know that you will have to turn your heads and bother yourself if you want to enjoy it (sorry again) but all I cared about then is the music, you have to choose between enjoying the music or recording a video, and you know my choice already! So tell me, what do you think?

This is another interesting video I found on youtube. I hope you will enjoy it.