Annual Film Week by The English Language and Literature department in Kuwait University

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Flyer via the English Department in KU


Green Caravan film festival 2011 – Kuwait

I`m really excited about the Green Caraval film festival that will be taking place in both Kuwait and Dubai this November.

“The Green Caravan Film Festival is a celebration of the environment and the art of film making. The 3rd season of the festival brings more exciting and award wining films to the region that we hope will inspire and perhaps, do what all art and learning hopes to do, change you.  This year we have screenings in both Kuwait and Dubai in venues that we have chosen for their beauty and their commitment to culture and to our common mission to spark environmental action.”

You can visit their website to see what is it all about, you can also watch the movies’ trailers and even volunteer!

3D Lion King kicks Brad Pitt’s Moneyball off

The new version of Lion King in 3D is taking the first slot in it’s first week Says the US Box office. “The 3D version has surpassed expectations, according to Disney. Its head of distribution, Dave Hollis, said the studio will leave the film in cinemas longer than its planned two-week run.BBC

That’s really cool. I love Disney Movies despite all the questioning about it’s relation with the Illuminati. I wonder when the movie will be in Kuwait theaters.

Tora Bora workshop at LAPA

If you like drama, and would like to learn about the experience of making a movie, then take the chance at Loyac.

“Tora Bora workshop at LAPA for aspiring directors/actors. Tora Bora cast and crew will be present to discuss the making of the film and to share their experiences in cinematic and theatrical arts.
Date : Saturday 17th 2011 till friday 23rd Sept.

Location : LAPA Studios @ LoYAC.

for inquiries call Ahmed : 96653377

Lapa will be hosting TORA BORA workshop week starting with free screening of Tora bora movie at Laila Gallery on Friday Sep 16Th 2011.”

Check Loyac’s website or Blogyac’s post for more information.

Our experience at Cinemagic

Me and my sister were invited the other day by Froyonation  to watch a movie in Cinemagic’s VIP room. I really loved the place! It was my first time for me there though I always wanted to come with my sister to their open air cinema on Thursday nights, however I was always busy attending my night classes. Cinemagic is located inNorth Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak st. Above LG electronics. You can take the left behind the snacks shop where you can see this sign board.

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My favorite movies of all time

Whenever someone asks me about my favorite movie, I say that I don’t have one. People have succeeded to create many great movies over the years, but how do I pick my favorite one? Is it supposed to be including my favorite actor, writer, or producer?

I think I eventually found the answer that satisfies me, it is the movie that I can watch everyday and never get bored of it. So, do you have such favorite movies which you can watch everyday without being bored of?

Here is my list! Share yours =D

  1.  Home alone 1& 2.
  2.  You’ve got mail.
  3.  The sound of music.
  4.  The other Bolyn girl.
  5.  Brave heart.
  6.  National treasure 1.
  7.  Sweeny Todd.
  8.  Cast away.
  9.  I love you man.
  10. Sense and sensibility.

Which one first?

Which do you prefer best? To read the book then watch the movie, or to watch the movie then read the book? Or maybe you don’t follow the same pattern every time and start with whatever that comes first? Well, I’ve tried it both ways, but I certainly prefer to read the book first. To some people this may not make a difference at all, but to me, it determines how much I enjoy and love both. Throughout the ages, books have succeeded to provide people with a certain quality that new technology, no matter how advanced it is, lacks. It is the ability to let go of your imagination and give your mind the freedom to draw pictures of the characters of a book with no limits or boundaries similar to those in a movie orT.V show, for in those the imagination part is already done for you and all you have to do is watch and enjoy. And so don’t you think it would be better to give your mind the privilege of an unrestricted imagination first and then watch the movie and see for yourself whether the director has done the right choice that matches your expectations or not? To me this is extremely interesting, especially when I start comparing the movie to the book while watching. It takes me back to an old experience I’ve once lived and reminds me of the fellow characters whom I’ve gladly enjoyed their company and private matters. Now the reason why I started this topic in the first place, and I guess you can tell now how excited I am about this, is that a new version of the movie “Anna Karenina” , which is adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s amazing novel, is filming right now with a long list of actors among which you can read the highly regarded names “Keira Knightley” and “Jude Law”. The movie is to be released in 2012, I know it’s a bit far away, but that gives you the time to do it my way and read the book first if you haven’t read it already. I highly recommend it for a mixture of love, passion, human relations, society, and even religion and faith all in one beautiful experience. Let’s hope then that the movie is as good as the novel!

Tora Bora 100% amazing Kuwaiti Movie

I was invited yesterday for the first Premier Show of the film “Tora Bora”. I was so excited as it was the first time for me to watch an original Kuwaiti movie in the theater. It felt amazing especially that the spirit of one of my favorite actors “Saad Al-Faraj” was around. I grabbed my pop corn, had a seat and was ready to watch =D!

The quality of the movie was unexpected, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be that big. The editing was great, as well as the actors’ performance. The whole story and the way they showed it was very engaging. I was crying in most of the scenes and I bet many were doing that too. Such a great and hard work by the director “Waleed Al-Awadhi” and all the cast “Saad Al-Farag”, “Asmahan Tawfeeq”, “Khalid Ameen”, and other Kuwaiti and Arab actors.

I can’t wait for more Kuwaiti movies =D

The movie will be on theaters starting from the first day of Eid.