Women and Alcohol to attract tourists – Lebanon Blues

I watched this video today, and I liked the idea how the different ads are connected to serve the same concept. But using half naked women & Alcohol to remind you of Lebanon, even if it’s true, is inappropriate. See the videos and let me know what you think. Am I making a fuss over nothing?

This one is nice, or let’s say APPROPRIATE!

Drinking, Why?


Google is Celebrating Jim Henson’s Birthday – The Puppeteer

Google as they always do, are celebrating the birthday of the famous American Puppeteer Jim Henson. He was mostly famous for creating The Muppets, which are puppet characters of the lovely famous Muppet show. I love it love it love it!!! I was playing with it for the last 10 minutes and I got surprised by the effects made by the lovely Muppets.

Thank you Google!

Facebook questions useful or silly?

My sister was telling me the other day about the many “silly” questions that appear on her facebook home page after being answered by her friends. Ok I understand the new concept of questions and how good they are for statistics or research, however, some questions are really useless and silly and just make me hate the people who are answering them!

I always try to look at the positive side of everything, but I don’t think there is any positive thing about this at all!

I will share some of the questions my sister found funny and weird so you can have a good laugh.

Yes, that’s maybe the only positive thing, laugh.

Ok, then what?!

What do you think about those questions? silly? fun? useful?!

Crush it with passion!

“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.”

Erin Bury

I came across this AMAZING quote while I was looking for articles about Gary Vaynerchuk’s best seller book “Crush it!”   (I did not buy the book yet).

It makes sense right? Like why would you post anything that you cannot say in reality? Or discuss it with strangers? This quote can make you review all your old posts as a blogger. (Even myself  >.< )

When I was first introduced to blogging by a dear fellow blogger of mine, I never thought that blogging was actually a whole world by itself, with its rules and community!

I know about blogging since it started, but it did not tackle my mind. I was introduced again to blogging after watching the amazing movie “Julie and Julia” when a young woman turns her passion into a dream come true! By following the thing she loves, putting herself into a challenge and of course, blogging about it!

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Crush !t Formula

Crush It! Management Team have created a formula for all the Crush it! member so they can get access to the latest news, resource guides, description of the challenge…etc.

Amazing right =D?

It keeps all the active bloggers in the bloggers circle connected with each other and up to date with any changes!

You can check the Crush it formula link here

If you’re already a blogger, or a blogger to be, and you still didn’t register yet, you still have the chance to do that. Click here so you can ask for a Bogger’s Circle Request.

Keep Crushing it!

Bloggers Gathering Registration

Bloggersgathering  is a new initiative with an important perspective ahead. Their main purpose is to create a platform for all the bloggers in Kuwait, with an opportunity for sharing experience and bringing all the bloggers under one roof.

The registration took place last Monday and Tuesday in Siham Ballroom in Regency Hotel Al-Bedaa.

I felt really weird because it was the first time I was doing something serious and official regarding my blog =D

I`m glad that I had the chance to register, but I wish there was more publicity about the registration event so more bloggers will have the chance to register.

Bloggers gathering will be launching their first event in August 8th in the Regency hotel.

Yes I was early =P

Halloum’s first invitation card =D

I wish blogsgathering all the best luck =)