Google celebrating their 13th birthday

Some one is jealous! After all the amazing ways of celebrating the birthdays of many important people in history, Google are finally celebrating themselves =D. I was actually waiting for something to pop out of the picture, but it seems they want it quite this time!

Love you Google! Happy Birthday =D


Google is Celebrating Jim Henson’s Birthday – The Puppeteer

Google as they always do, are celebrating the birthday of the famous American Puppeteer Jim Henson. He was mostly famous for creating The Muppets, which are puppet characters of the lovely famous Muppet show. I love it love it love it!!! I was playing with it for the last 10 minutes and I got surprised by the effects made by the lovely Muppets.

Thank you Google!

Google is celebrating Ismael Yassin’s birthday

Today is the birthday of the most lovable character in the old Egyptian – or what they used to say Arabic- black and white movies. Ismael Yassin, a name that will always be engraved in our minds and hearts and the whole Cinema’s history. He is this person, who was and is still able to make us laugh. Not because he was silly, nor because of the script, but his charisma and character fused with good written stories all gathered to produce a successful cinema history that one can be proud of. He was so successful and loved by his audience that he had a whole series of comical adventurous movies starting with his name. My only wish in his birthday, that the new Arab actors would take him as a role model, so the condition of our cinema would improve in the right way.

Google is celebrating Nazik Al-Mala’ika’s birthday.



Google’s celebrations over the days of  important literary, artistic and scientific celebrities is an indirect way of reminding us of those, the great, who should be remembered in our hearts and souls. I really find it as an intellectual act as it helps me get to know more about important people and go through their work.

Click here for more information about this great poet and here you can find a nice collection of her poems.

Have a good reading =)



Facebook questions useful or silly?

My sister was telling me the other day about the many “silly” questions that appear on her facebook home page after being answered by her friends. Ok I understand the new concept of questions and how good they are for statistics or research, however, some questions are really useless and silly and just make me hate the people who are answering them!

I always try to look at the positive side of everything, but I don’t think there is any positive thing about this at all!

I will share some of the questions my sister found funny and weird so you can have a good laugh.

Yes, that’s maybe the only positive thing, laugh.

Ok, then what?!

What do you think about those questions? silly? fun? useful?!