The history of Al- Kaaba in video

During Eid, I was trying to find some interesting videos about the history of Al- Kaaba Al- Musharaffa in Mekka. Those are couple of videos which I found interesting to watch.

Goya’s hidden painting discovered using X-rays

A hidden painting was found in Amsterdam yesterday underneath a famous master piece by the painter Fransisco de Goya. X-ray technique was used to make this great discovery. I never actually knew that X-rays can be used for such processes, but the article I read in BBC says it was used in 2008 in the same manner and resulted by discovering a painting for the famous Van Gogh. It says that the newly discovered Goya’s painting might have been hidden for political reasons. And that the painting might be for Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, Joseph.

I just love combining science with art, it just makes everything beautiful & possible.

Read BBC article for more elaboration about the process & the painting.

First electricity in Kuwait

In this heat, one cannot but wonder how the old Kuwaiti ancestors used to survive in such a weather. I came to know that electricity was first introduced to Kuwait in 1934!

The source of this information is “It is Here where Kuwait has started”  By Abdullah Al-Hatem. You can check previous interesting posts about this book in those links below:

First Kuwaiti Passport

First Kuwaiti Driver’s License

First Kuwaiti Restaurant

Have a good reading =D

The consolations of Philosophy- Book Review

Finally I finished reading this book today (Don’t worry, not very philosophical and complicated).
However, it’s easy and nice as it connects the ideas of great Philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Schopenhauer, etc. with some of the important phases that each one of us has been through in his/her life. Those phases were put into six categories: Unpopularity, Not having enough money, Frustration, Inadequacy, A broken heart, and Difficulties. I liked the quotes of those famous Philosophers blended with the writer’s stories and commentaries.

I don’t think this book is available in Kuwait’s bookshops so you may want to check it online.

Have  a good reading!

P.S: This is one of those books that make you look old and philosophical while reading them =D

First Driver’s License in Kuwait

As I promised you earlier my lovely readers that I will post some pages of the book ” It is Here where Kuwait has started” By Abdullah Al-Hatem. For you who didn’t read the first post and would like to take a look at it, click here.

In in this post you will read about the first Driver’s licenses in Kuwait. I hope you enjoy it =D

Have a good reading!

Interesting right =D?