It’s Hajj! Get yourself a Car

There is no reason for you now for not buying yourself a car! It is Hajj!


Glasses, is all what you need

True right =D?


A very mean marriage proposal

This is an old video of a marriage proposal, but I just had the chance to see it!


It is just so easy for guys to make a girl happy =D, Diamonds would do it all!


Missing morning outings

It’s been a while since I went out for breakfast in a beautiful morning. I love morning outings, but I don’t do it often (I don’t know why =/ ) Many of you would agree that having a nice breakfast outside in the air would definitely make your day longer, healthier and of course, merrier!

So, me and my dear friend Froyonation had such an interesting morning at P&T in Al-Bedaa. The weather, music and my yummy yummy berry pancakes made everything so perfect =D

I wish it was an ice cream though

The “can’t let out of your hands” menu

Such a random thing to write =D

You can check more pictures in Froyonation’s post

I will definitely do this again!


Facebook questions useful or silly?

My sister was telling me the other day about the many “silly” questions that appear on her facebook home page after being answered by her friends. Ok I understand the new concept of questions and how good they are for statistics or research, however, some questions are really useless and silly and just make me hate the people who are answering them!

I always try to look at the positive side of everything, but I don’t think there is any positive thing about this at all!

I will share some of the questions my sister found funny and weird so you can have a good laugh.

Yes, that’s maybe the only positive thing, laugh.

Ok, then what?!

What do you think about those questions? silly? fun? useful?!


Ramadan Cartoon (Very true)

I love it! Ironically true




Couldn’t be more expressive! I`m starving!



Just too exhausted


I don’t want anything, I have a partner

Picture by

I just want to hug them!