Food speaks at Chef Boutique

You know when the garlic starts to speak, and olive oil start to dance? When the mushroom is the best thing you’ve ever seen and the wooden spoon is your magic stick? Sounds like a fairy tale but it is the truth! I tried cooking at home before, but it wasn’t as much fun as this class offered to me and a bunch of other fellow bloggers in Kuwait by Chef Boutique.

It was my first class and so far the best! The place is neat, the people are nice and friendly, the chef is a master and the company is fun!

It was the Italian night, and we made Eggplant, Capsicum, Pesto and Goat’s Cheese Salad. And the main dish was the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pesto Penne. It was my first time cooking professionally, but it went just fine! I burned the onions, split some water into the Pesto sauce, but it only affected the color, not the taste! We got to watch the process by the chef, applying it on our own ingredients and of course, celebrating ourselves by eating it together! Basma 13cups was kind enough to bring us delicious flour free cakes! The whole evening was incredible and the experience was exciting and worth trying, and I would certainly love to do it again.

Chef boutique has a totally new concept towards the experience of cooking, you may want drop by their website or follow them on twitter for any inquiries.

Special thanks to Chef Boutique management, Chef Ismail,  Basma , and of course the spirit of all the bloggerswho were there for making it such a special class!


Saudi restaurant FINES diners for leftovers

I read this amazing piece of news in en.v blog that a Saudi restaurant will be fining diners who fail to finish their meals.

“Bosses at Marmar Restaurant in Dammam are said to vary the level of leftover charge depending on how much food has been left on the plate.”

“There are many clients who make large orders in order to impress the people around them and boost their social prestige,” he said, as quoted by Saudi media.

I really loved the idea! I remember posting an article about the same issue. I always feel bad if anything stayed in my plate when I`m eating outside home. I usually take my leftovers as a take away. But many people don’t. I see people ordering lots and lots of food, many stays in the plate and end up in the garbage. Applying this technique in restaurants will absolutely change people’s perspective and will reduce the waste in the same time. I know that deep inside each and every person in this world we know what we do is wrong, but all we need is a reminder, and sometimes, a FINE like this. I really wish to see this happening in Kuwait.

Missing morning outings

It’s been a while since I went out for breakfast in a beautiful morning. I love morning outings, but I don’t do it often (I don’t know why =/ ) Many of you would agree that having a nice breakfast outside in the air would definitely make your day longer, healthier and of course, merrier!

So, me and my dear friend Froyonation had such an interesting morning at P&T in Al-Bedaa. The weather, music and my yummy yummy berry pancakes made everything so perfect =D

I wish it was an ice cream though

The “can’t let out of your hands” menu

Such a random thing to write =D

You can check more pictures in Froyonation’s post

I will definitely do this again!

Ladies deserve chocolates and candies

Today I was in the Sheraton Hotel and I entered their bathroom hall (yes it’s a hall not just any bathroom) and I was very surprised to see chocolates and candies =D It was even more surprising than the T.V and the sofas at the end of that hall. It made my day!! The thing is I rarely go to public bathrooms, is it like this in all hotels? Another thing is that there was a wedding there today so maybe it was put especially for that reason. I don’t care I just loved the whole thing especially that it was only available in the ladies bathroom =D No candy for you guys!

I would personally suggest a glass lid to cover the Chocolates and Candies, the plastic wrap gives it a cheaper look.

“Khaybar” The Best Tikka Chicken in Kuwait

Away from all the fuss of the new brand name restaurants, away from all the busy malls and long ques waiting for FOOD, resides “Khaybar” one of my favorite restaurants in Kuwait. “Khaybar” is an Indian and Chinese restaurant that has two branches, one in Kuwait City next to Al-Muthanna Complex, and the other one in Al-Bedaa, near the Scientific Center.

I always wanted to make a review about it with nice and neat pictures, but is seems impossible to enjoy food there while taking photos as things get very messy when the food arrives because this is, ladies and gentlemen, one of the restaurants where Etiquette cannot be applied! If you ever got the chance to go there (You wont regret it), you will be served at the beginning some Papad bread with 2 kinds of sauces. You can order their delicious spring roles and a simple green salad for appetizers, Khaybar Chicken Tikka (My fav) with a choice of Poori or Nan bread (I suggest Poori because Nan comes with butter and might be too heavy)

Ancient but special

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Dignify your food

Throwing food away is one of the most disgusting acts I see in Kuwait. I’ve been raised in a family that does not throw food unless it’s rotten. So seeing food thrown away like crazy in restaurants and in some houses drives me crazy.

Why am I talking about this now?

It’s just so sad to hear on the news that 60 child die every day in Africa due to the starvation in the east and horn of Africa. Is stopping this act will help those poor hungry dying children?                                                                                                                    No it won’t. But at least it will show some respect and dignity to this bless and to those hungry people. And now since Ramadan is on the doors, this act repeats itself every single day.

What can you do?

Here are some things you might do to save your trashcans from food poisoning:

  1.     You may want to ignore the Etiquette that asks us to leave the quarter of our juice in glasses. A small sip of that juice could give a hungry child an extra day to live.
  2.     Do not put extra food in your plate. Put the convenient and appropriate amount of food you think is enough. Remember that you can always add later. Especially in Ramadan, People tend to cook and put extra food in their plates, which will lead you to be overfull, fat, and will probably throw the rest of your dish away.
  3.     Extra food can always be given away or eaten next day (not all kinds of dishes). But if you are a person who cannot eat the same dish 2 days in a row, you may want to put the rest in small glass containers in your freezer. You can always heat it up for later meals. (That’s what we usually do).
  4.    Some leftovers can be used for creating a different meal. E.g.: Leftover chicken can always be put into sandwiches with your favorite sauce.

Those are some of many other ways people use to save food waste. It’s not about saving money or forcing yourself eating things you don’t wish to eat. It is a matter of getting used to a right way of living. A way where you can look beyond the fancy taste and your full stomach.

Just dignify your food, for the sake of Africa and other hungry people around the world.

Caramel Desserts ~Yummy in my tummy~

While I was checking the new ‘Bazza Cafe’ today  I noticed the ‘Caramel Desserts’ name board. I sneaked in there to see the multiple layers cakes and ended up buying a very yummy chocolate snickers cake =D Here are some photos that I took for the different creative and classy shapes of cakes there.

I`ll leave you now to enjoy the photos =D

I just love the colors!

So classy and elegant

Don’t you just love Matroshkas? Elegant ones of course =D

Very beautiful bag and box, just like fairy tales


Very very yummy! I wish I can share it with all my readers…..just kidding! It’s all MINE!

You can get yours by visiting them in their store in Bneid Al Gar Block 1.  in Al-Manar Complex or calling them on 22533257/8 for any orders!