FA Gallery P2BK 5th Exhibition

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I went to the opening of the 5th P2BK exhibition and I`m glad that I did. I enjoyed almost every booth there and tried to update my head with so many creative things that are happening in Kuwait and the Gulf region. I will not make a whole post about it nor I will write about every single thing I saw there (impossible!) but I will share with you what I thought was unique, impressive and worth knowing about.

I started of course in FA Gallery booth as I can smell a painting from distance.

Beautiful work of art by:

Mohammad Sharaf 

1- That’s How We Watch the World – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

2- Prison Wont Keep Me Silent – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

Talal al-Maiaan – Digital Print on Canvas

I love his work, especially that it has calligraphy.

A beautiful one with calligraphy and Islamic patterns. The color is so deep that it made me mesmerized. It’s like it has no end.

Those ones are also by the same artist. I love the colors, the famous old Arab characters and the calligraphy. Such paintings would definitely look good in a modern style living room.

You can check FA Gallery facebook page here for more information about their events and expos.

P2BK Expo to be continued…


The Palestinian Cultural Exhibition – Coverage

I posted about the Palestinian Cultural Exhibition earlier hoping many of you who can make it to come. The exhibition was held by the Palestinian Cultural Center in Bayt Lothan in Salmiya. The Palestinian cultural center was founded here in Kuwait in 1965 to support the Palestinian women and to preserve the Palestinian heritage as a mean of maintaining the Palestinian cultural Identity. The various rooms of Bayt Lothan hosted many cultural and hand made artifacts starting from the famous Palestinian olives to embroidered traditional dresses. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures of those artifacts. However, I will be sharing other interesting pictures with you.

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en.v Opens Applications for the REUSE 5.0 Exposition

“The en.v Initiative (en.v), an organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world, opens applications to book exhibition spaces for the REUSE exposition. In its fifth year, REUSE 5.0 will be held in February of 2012 at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK).”

“The application process for exhibition spaces at REUSE 5.0 is open to companies, retail boutiques, galleries, restaurants, social initiatives, students and creative professionals.  All applicants must exhibit a dedication to eco-friendly causes such as recycling, fair trade production, organic farming, and so forth. To apply, email reuse@envearth.com with a short description of your business / offering and a member of en.v’s team will provide you with the necessary documentation to secure your space.”

I’m excited already! I had the chance to visit reuse 3.0 and 4.0 and they were magnificent! You can smell the youth creativity all over the place =D. I wish to see many more creative things this year.

For more information please contact:
The en.v Initiative
Tel: +965 2252- 4614
Fax: +965 2252-4615
Email : env@envearth.com
Web: http://www.envearth.com

I will leave you with some pictures from previous reuse events!

P.S: Pictures are from different sources.

Reuse 3.0  @ Avenues Garage & Reuse 4.0 @ ACK

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