Bloggers Bowling Night at 360

Tamdeen Entertainment prepared such an exciting bowling night for bloggers at The VIP Bowl room at 360 mall. I personally needed some fun time after having such a busy week! The VIP room was very cozy, the music was boosting everyone’s energy, and everyone there was actually having a good time! Although I sucked really bad at bowling and my arm is still sore, I really had such a good time =D

I found myself in a wrap =p

The first three winners got vouchers offered  by 360 Style! Congrats for His, Moody and Lara! Everybody else were also given free game vouchers and Gold card from Tamdeen Entertainment. Special thanks for Rasha Al-Muhtaseb for her spirit and all the team there!

For more information, you can visit their website. Or you can like them on facebook or follow them on twitter!


Young Kuwaiti Classical concert in Dar Al-Athar

I went yesterday to the Young Kuwaiti Classical concert that was held in Dar Al-Athar in Maidan Hawalli. It was actually my first time in Dar Al-Athar. It is a small building located inside Abdulla Al-Salem school. I really liked the place, there is this boutique that sells eastern and oriental accessories, books, gadgets, and those nice useless expensive things that you buy and don’t know where to place them later on. I got myself a really nice notebook and a book called “Islam and Romantic Orientalism” which I can’t wait to read!

The concert started at 7 sharp (which was amazing as I don’t recall any event here in Kuwait that ever started on time.) and ended exactly at 8. It was an hour of amusement and serenity. Little Lolwa Al-Shamlan played beautiful pieces in the Piano followed by the talented Faisal Al-Buhairy who did Solos on the Piano and other notes with the Loyac Music team and other musicians.

I really enjoyed my evening yesterday.

For more information about the up coming events in Al- Dar Museum, you can check their website or like them on facebook.

No more Mr. Bean?

I came across the news that Rowan Atkinson, known by the famous character Mr. Bean, doubts that his fans will get the chance to see any new adventures for the amazing eccentric character because he feels too old to play it.

Atkinson who is 56 now says:

“I’ve got a feeling I probably won’t play the character (Mr.Bean) again. Never say never, but I just feel I’m getting too old for it. I’ve always liked Mr Bean as a cartoon-like figure, who doesn’t really age much,”                                                                           quoted Atkinson as saying.

What do you think? I don’t believe he will ever be old enough to play the character. I also think that the character can be modified to be for an weird old English man. I actually grew up watching Mr. Bean on my precious tapes that mom recorded them for me & my sister. His show is legendary and never gets old. Personally I would like to see more episodes, what about you?

” Zain to a beautiful world” first rehearsal – زين إلى عالم جميل

This really exciting thing happened to me yesterday when my dear friend Froyonation invited
me to go with her to the Zain’s play first rehearsal with costumes and decoration. I mentioned in an earlier post why I was so excited especially for this play.

What was great that the play, as I hoped, exceeded my expectations =D

The decoration was amazing. The lightening effect was perfect. The actors’  performance  was extraordinary. I literally enjoyed looking at their funny cartoonic facial expressions. The songs where beautifully written and composed, and the story and language were very simplified so the kids can understand and recite.

I actually thought twice before putting the pictures because I wanted you to be surprised as much as I was if you are going to attend this play (Which I strongly recommend especially if you have some kids). But then I chose to show you so you can know how great it was but (do not show the pictures for your kids, surprise them =D)

The crew was all nice and friendly especially Shojoun & Ali Kakooli who were so nice to take pictures with the little kids around…and me of course =D

You can book your tickets in the ice skating rink or you can call: 90007773, 90007774 for more information.

The play will start in the first day of Eid and continue 10 days after that.

Have a good time =D and Eid Mubarak.

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Tora Bora 100% amazing Kuwaiti Movie

I was invited yesterday for the first Premier Show of the film “Tora Bora”. I was so excited as it was the first time for me to watch an original Kuwaiti movie in the theater. It felt amazing especially that the spirit of one of my favorite actors “Saad Al-Faraj” was around. I grabbed my pop corn, had a seat and was ready to watch =D!

The quality of the movie was unexpected, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be that big. The editing was great, as well as the actors’ performance. The whole story and the way they showed it was very engaging. I was crying in most of the scenes and I bet many were doing that too. Such a great and hard work by the director “Waleed Al-Awadhi” and all the cast “Saad Al-Farag”, “Asmahan Tawfeeq”, “Khalid Ameen”, and other Kuwaiti and Arab actors.

I can’t wait for more Kuwaiti movies =D

The movie will be on theaters starting from the first day of Eid.

“Zain to a beautiful world” A constructive play for kids. زين إلى عالم جميل مسرحية الأطفال الهادفة

I was so excited after reading this ad! I love the idea that the play is in the Arabic language and that it is inspied by one of my favorite books by Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist”. I am excited for many reasons:

  1. The lanuage used is pure Arabic lanuage.
  2. It is a Musical, I love musicals.
  3. Oliver Twist! One of the best written books ever.
  4. Jad Rahbani. I just love their music.
  5. Oraganized by Zain. Should be well organized!

I can’t wait =D