Tuqous Wahshiya By Ali Al- Husaini at al-Maidan Cultural Center مسرحية طقوس وحشية للمخرج علي الحسيني

I went with my sister yesterday to al- Maidan Cultural Center to watch “Tuqous Wahshiya” in English “Brutal Rituals” by the writer Qasem Matroud and the director Ali al-Husaini.

The play isn’t very easy to understand unless you are focusing and connecting the words uttered on the stage. (Yes, it took me time to grasp the idea) The 50 minutes play is about a man who had suffered from really bad childhood experiences. And now he is having pleasure in torturing the nurse who he thinks she killed his wife in the hospital. He pretends to be her protector from an expected serial killer who she thinks he’s after her. The man puts her under horrible psychological and physical experiences before committing his crime.

What I liked mostly about this play is that the language used was classical Arabic. The lights and the theatrical effects were also perfectly conducted. Faisal al-Omairi, who played the role of the disturbed man, had a really good voice, body language, and a convincing tone. Similarly to Hanan al-Mahdi, who did a great job in her role as a nurse. She perfectly fits the role. Her expressions were realistic and convincing as well. The third actor was Essa Zeiab who was either the evil spirit of the man or his projections from the past (I really couldn’t get this one straight)

I believe that the play was right to the point, very effective in the way its delivering the message to the audience, and full of realistic emotions.


Extra years, anyone?

If you were offered extra years to live, would you take them? Would you accept to live for more than a hundred years? We might expect a young man in the prime of his life and who is enjoying every minute of it to say yes directly without thinking, but will his answer be the same after he has spent, let’s say a hundred years on this earth? Personally, I don’t think so. What helped me reach this opinion and made me think of this topic in the first place is a play I have recently read with the name “The Makropulos Case”, which was written by the Czech writer Karel Capek and was first performed on stage in 1922. The idea which the play symbolizes is very interesting, especially that it comes wrapped up in a funny well-plotted story that manages to convince the reader with the solution that the characters eventually reach, and which is based on the opinion that an immortal life is not really something to be desired, and the best person to prove this fact is someone who has actually tried it, and that is “Elina Makropulos” who has lived for over three hundred years due to reasons explained throughout the play. When life stretches to be long, it loses its splendor and beauty, and when you live more than the usual, things stop being as interesting and exciting to you as before, because then, you will have seen almost everything and tried every possible experience and feeling. Nothing will matter or make a difference to you anymore, not even a compliment will bring you the happiness it was meant to bring, because by then you will have received hundreds of them. Love will no longer feel like love and food will be just another simple detail that you have to deal with and eat. In general, life will most probably become boring, monotonous, cold as ever and with no purpose at all. And now, what will your answer to my first questions be?

” Zain to a beautiful world” first rehearsal – زين إلى عالم جميل

This really exciting thing happened to me yesterday when my dear friend Froyonation invited
me to go with her to the Zain’s play first rehearsal with costumes and decoration. I mentioned in an earlier post why I was so excited especially for this play.

What was great that the play, as I hoped, exceeded my expectations =D

The decoration was amazing. The lightening effect was perfect. The actors’  performance  was extraordinary. I literally enjoyed looking at their funny cartoonic facial expressions. The songs where beautifully written and composed, and the story and language were very simplified so the kids can understand and recite.

I actually thought twice before putting the pictures because I wanted you to be surprised as much as I was if you are going to attend this play (Which I strongly recommend especially if you have some kids). But then I chose to show you so you can know how great it was but (do not show the pictures for your kids, surprise them =D)

The crew was all nice and friendly especially Shojoun & Ali Kakooli who were so nice to take pictures with the little kids around…and me of course =D

You can book your tickets in the ice skating rink or you can call: 90007773, 90007774 for more information.

The play will start in the first day of Eid and continue 10 days after that.

Have a good time =D and Eid Mubarak.

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“Zain to a beautiful world” A constructive play for kids. زين إلى عالم جميل مسرحية الأطفال الهادفة

I was so excited after reading this ad! I love the idea that the play is in the Arabic language and that it is inspied by one of my favorite books by Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist”. I am excited for many reasons:

  1. The lanuage used is pure Arabic lanuage.
  2. It is a Musical, I love musicals.
  3. Oliver Twist! One of the best written books ever.
  4. Jad Rahbani. I just love their music.
  5. Oraganized by Zain. Should be well organized!

I can’t wait =D

“7elwa 7ayate” A kid’s educational play

 مسرحية حلوة حياتي ٢ المقامة في نادي سعد الصيفي في مدرسة عبداللطيف النصف .. ستقام العروض يوم الاثنين و الثلاثة الموافق 26/7/2011 -25 .. سارعوا في التسجيل فالاماكن محدودة

You can like Saad club’s  page on facebook  or check their website for more information and updates

Spiderman Musical

I was very surprised reading an article on BBC today about the new musical that will be coming soon on ‘Broadway’ .

Yes, it’s SPIDERMAN. I wonder what kind of music will be presented. The famous  ‘Itsy Bitsy spider’ nursery rhyme maybe? I don’t know what do you think?
I love musicals but Spiderman? If it turned successful it would be nice to put it in a musical movie. I wouldn’t mind wasting my time on a DVD at home but certainly not in ‘Broadway’