FA Gallery P2BK 5th Exhibition

This photo is by :buzberry

I went to the opening of the 5th P2BK exhibition and I`m glad that I did. I enjoyed almost every booth there and tried to update my head with so many creative things that are happening in Kuwait and the Gulf region. I will not make a whole post about it nor I will write about every single thing I saw there (impossible!) but I will share with you what I thought was unique, impressive and worth knowing about.

I started of course in FA Gallery booth as I can smell a painting from distance.

Beautiful work of art by:

Mohammad Sharaf 

1- That’s How We Watch the World – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

2- Prison Wont Keep Me Silent – Silk Screen on Craft Paper

Talal al-Maiaan – Digital Print on Canvas

I love his work, especially that it has calligraphy.

A beautiful one with calligraphy and Islamic patterns. The color is so deep that it made me mesmerized. It’s like it has no end.

Those ones are also by the same artist. I love the colors, the famous old Arab characters and the calligraphy. Such paintings would definitely look good in a modern style living room.

You can check FA Gallery facebook page here for more information about their events and expos.

P2BK Expo to be continued…


The Journy of Falcons: A celebration of patriotism in art

Twenty-one falcons were created and designed by love. And twenty-one years separate us from the liberation day. Beautiful and innovative ideas were used to show the heritage of a country on the skin of a huge falcon. Companies, schools, institutions and artists worked creatively on those falcons, to show what Kuwait resembles for them. Each falcon has a name, and a story behind him. The 21 falcons were shown in public in 360 mall, and now they are designing the entrance of P2BK Exhibition. The falcons are going to be for sale and the money will benefit the participating institutions and other charity works. P2BK have also organized a photography contest based on those falcons.

P.S Thanks to my friend Froyonation for most of the pictures (the good ones of course) as my battery died that evening.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the beautiful work of art.

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Application to REUSE 5.0 is open

The application process for exhibition spaces at REUSE 5.0 is open to companies, retail boutiques, galleries, restaurants, social initiatives, students and creative professionals!

All applicants must exhibit a dedication to eco-friendly causes such as recycling, fair trade production, organic farming, and so forth.

To apply, email reuse@envearth.com with a short description of your business / offering and a member of en.v’s team will provide you with the necessary documentation to secure your space!

via en.v facebook

How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art @ CAP

I posted about that earlier and I was dying to go there! I finally found sometime to go and check it out. In a nutshell, it’s magnificent! It was nearly empty so I enjoyed having a long detailed look in each one of the pieces, I love Arabic calligraphy so I was in heaven.

Our cow doesn’t milk but pisses plently, 2010. Embroidery (120 x162) By: Iman Raad

There are 3 pieces from this work in three different colors. I liked it since I like embroidery, but I didn’t like that there are 3 pieces of it. One would make it more unique and special.

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Paintings worth looking at

When I was at the book fair last Saturday, I was astonished by some of the paintings showed between Hall 5 & 6. So I thought that I could share then them here, discuss them and take your opinions.I will be posting couple of ones every day.

Note:  I apologize for the bad quality of photos as they were taken by an I phone camera. Like always, I forget my camera when I really need it.

“And the film is still running” by Muhammad Al- Sheibany

لا يزال الفيلم مستمراً بريشة محمد الشيباني

“Afandina on the Bamboo Chair” by Muhammad Al- Sheibany

أفندينا على كرسي البامبو بريشة محمد الشيباني

Amazing right? They seem like they come from a different world, and what I like is that the Gorillas are found in both of the paintings.

I really like the first one, especially if I refer it to the movie “Planet of the Apes” as in how in this world, the impossible, unreal and brutal is happening. And instead of us watching the cruelty of wild animals, they are the ones who are watching the cruelty of humanity. We are pitied   But I still do not understand the presence of the lady and the armed man in the right middle of the picture.

However, the second one is more complicated. You can see the eyes of a human above the head of a Gorilla. And the human head is covered with claws. I see rough hands, old boots, and two wooden artifacts checking this “Humanbeast” out. This “Humanbeast” seams like a prisoner, but you can see hope with the light coming from the upper left of the canvas.

I really thought of them being unique and worth taking a second look at. They were the most expensive paintings in the hall.

Green Caravan film festival 2011 – Kuwait

I`m really excited about the Green Caraval film festival that will be taking place in both Kuwait and Dubai this November.

“The Green Caravan Film Festival is a celebration of the environment and the art of film making. The 3rd season of the festival brings more exciting and award wining films to the region that we hope will inspire and perhaps, do what all art and learning hopes to do, change you.  This year we have screenings in both Kuwait and Dubai in venues that we have chosen for their beauty and their commitment to culture and to our common mission to spark environmental action.”

You can visit their website to see what is it all about, you can also watch the movies’ trailers and even volunteer!

Google is Celebrating Jim Henson’s Birthday – The Puppeteer

Google as they always do, are celebrating the birthday of the famous American Puppeteer Jim Henson. He was mostly famous for creating The Muppets, which are puppet characters of the lovely famous Muppet show. I love it love it love it!!! I was playing with it for the last 10 minutes and I got surprised by the effects made by the lovely Muppets.

Thank you Google!