Application to REUSE 5.0 is open

The application process for exhibition spaces at REUSE 5.0 is open to companies, retail boutiques, galleries, restaurants, social initiatives, students and creative professionals!

All applicants must exhibit a dedication to eco-friendly causes such as recycling, fair trade production, organic farming, and so forth.

To apply, email with a short description of your business / offering and a member of en.v’s team will provide you with the necessary documentation to secure your space!

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It’s on! RunQ8 2012

Today I got an email from RunQ8 announcing another running event this year! It will be on  January 21th , 2012

“RunQ8 is a 10K run organized by Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) and Agility. An annual event, the focus of the race is to raise public awareness regarding health issues affecting our community, to support medical institutions, and to encourage healthy living in our society.

Each year RunQ8 will adopt a different health issue and work towards raising awareness in the Kuwaiti society. The first RunQ8 race took place on the 6th of November 2010 under the patronage of the Minister of Health, Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer. In 2010, RunQ8 supported Kuwait University’s Community Eye Health Program “Vision 2020″ in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the 2010 run, but this year I`m intending to do it! It gives me something to work out for. This somehow makes me more excited to exercise and to RUN!!! Energy booster!

You can like their facebook page or check their website for more information.

Why food can’t reach the hungry people in Somalia?!

I read this in noon‘s blog and it just made me furious! It answered some of the questions I had earlier about the reason why all the help and donations are not reaching the hungry people in Somalia & Kenya. Why would anyone want his fellow human to be hungry? Where all the donations are going? Can we trust the aid agencies? Why media can reach them but not food?! What is so hard about getting food there?! Why Why Why! I don’t think we will ever know. Pray is all we can do. Don’t forget them in your prayers.

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Pack a bag campaign

A simple yet amazing idea by Noon

“pack a bag” campaign is a campaign with no rules, its not based on an organization nor a group, you don’t have to stick with a certain organization, all you have to do is pack an old bag that you don’t need anymore and pack it with clothes, shoes, accessories, toys and whatever you think is suitable for donating and send it to whoever you think needs it the most. your maid, tea boy, cleaning lady at work, poor people around you like a neighbour maybe, you can send them to africa or refugee camps.

You can do your own charity bag and share the pictures with her on

May God bless! And Ramadan Karim =)