A naked ignorant or an educated covered?

What does women liberation mean? The concept of the liberation of women has been misinterpreted for decades. What kind of freedom does a woman want? And when can we call a woman free?

Women have started their revolution asking for simple and basic life rights for over a hundred years for now. And their revolution has never finished, and will never finish until each and every woman is educated.

Many women and men in different communities believe that women should take off their clothes and walk naked to be called open minded and liberated. Others think that not getting married is liberation by itself! Amputating needs, desires, and naturalism from their lives is another reason for women to think that they feel liberated. Powerful political positions are sometimes a goal for “liberated” women.

But what if that female president, or that famous businesswoman, was not doing what she really wants? Only forced by her “liberated thoughts” and the “liberated society” to be whatever she is?

This kind of problem is facing not only women but human beings in general. Everyone seems to be looking for what is hard to get, and what they don’t have, and start drawing their life lines trying to reach it. Everybody wants what they don’t have and should have instead of looking at what they have and should use. I believe that God provide tools for each and every human on this earth, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, beliefs, and status in the society. Those tools are for them to use wisely to benefit themselves and the humanity. If one keeps looking for what they don’t have, he/she will always be disappointed, angry, and frustrated. One should use what he/she has and be creative.

So again, a woman doesn’t need to take of her clothes to be free. Nor she has to let go neither her values nor her beliefs to be free and liberated. Liberation is a matter of choice. If you choose to get naked then you are free, and if you choose to be covered then you are free as well.

However, freedom and liberation need education as education provides the human with the ability to know how to choose, what to choose, and let people choose! Education is at the end the only way to any possible freedom and liberation. A liberated person must be educated, and an educated human deserves liberation. As the German philosopher and writer J.W. von Goethe once said “There is nothing worse than ignorance in action.”

Everyone should get over their genders and start working for themselves, their society, and the rest of the world. And remember that “It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple: one must be a woman manly, or a man womanly.”


The Journy of Falcons: A celebration of patriotism in art

Twenty-one falcons were created and designed by love. And twenty-one years separate us from the liberation day. Beautiful and innovative ideas were used to show the heritage of a country on the skin of a huge falcon. Companies, schools, institutions and artists worked creatively on those falcons, to show what Kuwait resembles for them. Each falcon has a name, and a story behind him. The 21 falcons were shown in public in 360 mall, and now they are designing the entrance of P2BK Exhibition. The falcons are going to be for sale and the money will benefit the participating institutions and other charity works. P2BK have also organized a photography contest based on those falcons.

P.S Thanks to my friend Froyonation for most of the pictures (the good ones of course) as my battery died that evening.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the beautiful work of art.

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Are you up to this? هل أنت جاهز؟

I`m definitely going to be involved in this, I always thought about this idea, but then ignored it. A national campaign to improve the content. What do you think?

Please share this with everyone you know, I know many people will be interested, even if some, it will still be considered an improvement.

Here is another video that teaches you how to make an article.

Please spread the word

The Palestinian Cultural Exhibition – Coverage

I posted about the Palestinian Cultural Exhibition earlier hoping many of you who can make it to come. The exhibition was held by the Palestinian Cultural Center in Bayt Lothan in Salmiya. The Palestinian cultural center was founded here in Kuwait in 1965 to support the Palestinian women and to preserve the Palestinian heritage as a mean of maintaining the Palestinian cultural Identity. The various rooms of Bayt Lothan hosted many cultural and hand made artifacts starting from the famous Palestinian olives to embroidered traditional dresses. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures of those artifacts. However, I will be sharing other interesting pictures with you.

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Paint Umbrellas for peace – Matt Lamb’s exhibition @ AUK

As posted previously about Matt Lamb’s Art exhibition in AUK, I went today with my friend to check his art pieces out.

I really found his paintings abnormal and somehow inspiring. Full of colors with a harsh brush stroke.


I was then directed by one of the security ladies to the out side to do some umbrella painting. I was really excited =D

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12 angry Lebanese – Documentary

Dar Al-Athar will be screening 12 angry Lebanese in Arabic with English subtitles on Tuesday, 7pm.

“The film follows an all-male group of adult inmates residing in Roumieh Prison who experienced the pioneer practice of Drama Therapy/Theatre in 2008-2009 led by a female Drama Therapist Zeina Daccache.”

“12 Angry Lebanese-the documentary- was awarded with a Trophy by Fondation Liban Cinema on the 23rd of September 2011 at the Casino du Liban during the ceremony “La Nuit des Mabrouks””


An Arab woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Tawakul Karman , a journalist from Yemen has won the Nobel Peace Prize

“for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work”

Karman has created the human rights group Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) in 2005 for promoting human rights.Ms. Karman, who belongs to the main opposition party,  Al-Islah, has also spoken out against the rise of religious fundamentalism and violence in her country.

Regardless of the controversy of her act of taking of her “Niqab” and asking women in her country to do so, I`m so proud of her and I ask all the suppressed women in our society to follow her steps to prove themselves and speak out for their rights!