The Help

An amazing book that I couldn’t let go out of my hands. I didn’t actually buy it myself. My sister watched the movie and decided that she should read the book. It was out there in its yellow cover calling me “read me read me” so I did! All I can tell you is that I wish it never ended. Perfectly written, simple and direct. The idea is genuine and very inspiring.

The story is about a white young lady living in a town called Jackson in the Mississippi. She was different from all her peers and paid no attention to all their interests in fashion, hairstyles, and men. She was looking for independence unlike other women in that time and she loved writing. She was raised by a Help “the name they used to call the black ladies who worked that time in cleaning houses” and she loved her very much. This woman was able later to convince the black women in her area to change their situation through writing a book about their bad and good experiences while working for white families.

I don’t want to write more so I don’t spoil it for you. But I rate it 10/10 and highly recommend it for you. I`m planning to watch the movie soon but I doubt it’s better than the book. If you read it tell me what do you think about it. It’s really one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read.


To change or to run away? That’s the question

I really miss reading. It’s been like forever since I’ve read a heavy book. I have recently (couple of months ago) started reading Orientalism by Edward Said, but I haven’t been able to get through the introduction yet. Not because it is hard, but some books, especially this one, need to be studied carefully. And to be honest, I don’t have the time. Although I love literature and Orientalism in English literature, but it seems so hard to find the time to sit and focus. However, since then, I read 4 Arabic books, from novels to poetry which I will be writing about soon. I haven’t read Arabic books for a long time, but I like the fact that they take less time to be done. I think I will be reading more Arabic books in the upcoming weeks, they reflect a different feeling inside of me, something familiar, which takes me deep inside, not far away.  So, at the end of this long day, and the beginning of a new day, I would say that; you shouldn’t just read to take yourself away from reality, read to remind yourself your reality. This will make you see it clearer and from a different perspective, hence change it. Witty enough?

An inspiring meeting at Kuwait’s 36th book fair

I want to talk about this remarkably weird story that happened to me the other day. So me and my sister decided to visit the book fair in it’s last day since I didn’t have time to go during the week. The book fair was normal, nothing different from it’s last several years. I always hope that more publishing houses out side the Arab world would actually come and show their books. But what was remarkable, is me meeting a very distinguished local writer (which of course I never heard about because I don’t read Arabic literature, but I`m starting to from now!) You may ask why meeting a local writer would be considered remarkable? Well, the answer is that one of my blog readers, who happens to be in Holland, is the one who told me about Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Sayyed and his book collection. Meeting this person was such a privilege, people were following him to sign their books, yet he was so humble. I also had the chance to meet his lovely family at that certain time. And I also bought one of his books, the one you can see the picture of above and which I will be posting about it after reading it, and hopefully will get the rest of his collection. I cannot but thank this inspiring reader who was able to leave an impact here in Kuwait while being miles and miles away from this country. I would also like to thank Mr. Abdulwahab for giving me some of his precious time to talk and take pictures.

To know more about Abdulwahab Al – Sayyed and his latest news and books, you can like his facebook page or follow him on twitter.

Crush it! Passion is everything

I have always hated business and it’s people (no offense) because they always play with my nerves. I know some people in the business field, whether they are successful or not, they always picture business to me as a chest full of money! Business to me meant greediness, senseless, emotionless, careless, and last but not least PASSIONLESS.

Well, not until I read the first chapter of Gary Vaynerchuck‘s book Crush it! I honestly read some few articles about this book, but I did not get what Gary meant about passion being fused with business completely until I read the first and personally, the best chapter in his book, “Passion is everything”.

The whole book is simple, and can be finished in a couple of hours if you are a fast reader, and couple of days if you don’t have time. The language is clear, simple, and direct. It is like reading a blog, or listening to someone talking to you. Gary is addressing his readers personally to make it easier for them to implement his messages in their heads.

He even spelled his last name on the book cover as  Vay . ner . chuck, to make it sound simpler. (Now I know how to spell it correctly!)

“Live your passion. What does it mean, anyway? It means that when you get up for work every morning, every single morning, you are pumped because you get to talk about or work with or do the thing that interests you the most in the world. You don’t live for vacations because you don’t need a break from what you’re doing.”

Vaynerchuch, Crush it!

Whatever Gary is talking about, can be implemented in the lives of each one of you whether you are a business holder, blogger, or even a normal person who wants to improve the quality of his life. Or simpler, to be HAPPY.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t do your work while you are enjoying it. If you do what you love and passionate about, you can wake up early in the morning without the need of Caffeine! If you love what you do, you’ll be creative at it. And simply, life would move from stupid depressing routine, to a life full of adventures.

If you haven’t read the book yet, it is still available in Virgin Megastore.

Gary will be coming to Kuwait on Oct. 25th, for more information about his seminar, click here.

Censorship Y/N? – Kuwait 36th book fair

Now that the date of the opening of the Kuwait’s 36th International book fair (I wonder why they call it international), I’m anticipating the new books on the black list! I understand why some movies need to be censored, and why some photos need to be covered and so, but why books? I`m not talking about the books with pornography issues, but I`m shedding the light on the political, religious, and art books. I can never ever find a decent book about art history here in Kuwait. All I`m wishing for this year is more books, more freedom, and absolutely more book stores in Kuwait.

What do you think about the censoring issue? is it right? wrong? does it actually help?


The book fair will be held on Wednesday, October 19 at 9:00am until October 29 at 9:30pm in 5-6-7 halls of the Kuwait International Fair.

Are you in?

It was about a year ago when I found, as always in Virgin Mega Store, a very interesting bookmark where they usually have them in the book section. It was a metal one with the names of fifty books to read before you die carved on it in very tiny but possible to read letters. Maybe the reason why I liked this bookmark is because I love books and reading, but also because I liked the idea and thought of it as a nice challenge to work on, of course on the long term. I didn’t buy that bookmark, and I didn’t have the time nor the memory to know the names of all the books in there either, but luckily I found them online and ended up creating my own “Fifty books to read before you die” bookmark, what do you think? Would you want to start the challenge yourself too? Read the names of the books down there, maybe you’re lucky to find books you’ve already read on the list. Plus if you know any other books that you think are worth being on the list, you can add them and even make your own list as a challenge and share it with other people.

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A childhood memory

The other day, I was reading what a friend of mine wrote about Harry Potter as her childhood memory, and how it’s going to be missed by everyone after the series of both the books and the movies has finally ended in July, and I started thinking that reading Harry Potter’s books was never really part of my childhood, though I started watching the movies later on, I used to read something else. Do you remember the five adventurers and the mysteries they used to solve? Have they been part of your childhood as well, or you haven’t heard of them? I remember I used to live on these stories or “Adventures”, would read them over and over again without getting bored. A hundred Fils each, everyone I bought was a precious addition to the sacred collection which I had no doubt in my mind I will be keeping with me forever, and who knows, even give to my children after me. Yes, those stories were so special in a way that made me, in my childish naivety, consider them a hereditary family treasure that will soon be lost from the market and be worth millions afterwards. And now, every time I think of how obsessed I was with those adventures, I smile wondering about what made them so special, because I read one of them now and realize how simple and weak the language is, and how silly and childish some adventures are, but I guess only an adult mind would notice these flaws. To a child, like I used to be, they were perfect. They simply represented the exciting thrilling life every child dreams to have, and the hard-to-reach reality he gladly lives every time he reads one of them. They opened my fantasy and mind to so many new things and ideas and definitely had a share in bringing me up to be who I am today. So no matter how old and dusty those adventures were, they will always remain an unforgettable part of my childhood and of thousands of other people’s as well.

Which one first?

Which do you prefer best? To read the book then watch the movie, or to watch the movie then read the book? Or maybe you don’t follow the same pattern every time and start with whatever that comes first? Well, I’ve tried it both ways, but I certainly prefer to read the book first. To some people this may not make a difference at all, but to me, it determines how much I enjoy and love both. Throughout the ages, books have succeeded to provide people with a certain quality that new technology, no matter how advanced it is, lacks. It is the ability to let go of your imagination and give your mind the freedom to draw pictures of the characters of a book with no limits or boundaries similar to those in a movie orT.V show, for in those the imagination part is already done for you and all you have to do is watch and enjoy. And so don’t you think it would be better to give your mind the privilege of an unrestricted imagination first and then watch the movie and see for yourself whether the director has done the right choice that matches your expectations or not? To me this is extremely interesting, especially when I start comparing the movie to the book while watching. It takes me back to an old experience I’ve once lived and reminds me of the fellow characters whom I’ve gladly enjoyed their company and private matters. Now the reason why I started this topic in the first place, and I guess you can tell now how excited I am about this, is that a new version of the movie “Anna Karenina” , which is adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s amazing novel, is filming right now with a long list of actors among which you can read the highly regarded names “Keira Knightley” and “Jude Law”. The movie is to be released in 2012, I know it’s a bit far away, but that gives you the time to do it my way and read the book first if you haven’t read it already. I highly recommend it for a mixture of love, passion, human relations, society, and even religion and faith all in one beautiful experience. Let’s hope then that the movie is as good as the novel!

My reading challenge – one book finished

Remember the reading challenge that Q8 blend started it in the beginning of Ramadan? Well, I`m very ashamed to say that I only finished one book =( I know I still have time but things are getting extremely busy through this month. I shouldn’t have acted smart and raised my bar to triple! But I should live with the consequences of my actions!

One of my challenge books and the only one I managed to finish  was “The reluctant fundamentalist” by Muhsin Hamed.

It is a very simple engaging book with an amazing storytelling technique. The book is talking about a Pakistani student living in Manhattan and how his life changed after September 11th.

I will be starting my other challenge books soon! I hope I can make it before Eid.