I`m back

It feels so good to listen again to the fast clicks my fingers are making on the keyboard! After many ups and downs I`m here to write again. I don’t remember the last time I was here checking the blog and the comments. I don’t know the main reason behind stopping for a while, yes I was really busy with work and other issues. Or the weather this year in Kuwait was so good that I felt guilty sitting at home. But maybe because I felt that I need time for myself to absorb more things and let it swim up there in my head without sharing it with you guys (you may want to call it selfishness, I don’t mind). But hoping that I will come back with fresh ideas and perspectives since many things have changed in my life. During that time were I was not writing, I had the chance to face my biggest fears, to bond with my family and friends, spend some quality time reading, and last but not least planning things a head for next year. I got offers to study abroad to complete my masters degree in one of my favorite courses, which is great. I don’t know where my life is heading right now, but I`m sure it’s all for the best!

I miss all of your contributions, your comments and your arguments.

With love,



An inspiring meeting at Kuwait’s 36th book fair

I want to talk about this remarkably weird story that happened to me the other day. So me and my sister decided to visit the book fair in it’s last day since I didn’t have time to go during the week. The book fair was normal, nothing different from it’s last several years. I always hope that more publishing houses out side the Arab world would actually come and show their books. But what was remarkable, is me meeting a very distinguished local writer (which of course I never heard about because I don’t read Arabic literature, but I`m starting to from now!) You may ask why meeting a local writer would be considered remarkable? Well, the answer is that one of my blog readers, who happens to be in Holland, is the one who told me about Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Sayyed and his book collection. Meeting this person was such a privilege, people were following him to sign their books, yet he was so humble. I also had the chance to meet his lovely family at that certain time. And I also bought one of his books, the one you can see the picture of above and which I will be posting about it after reading it, and hopefully will get the rest of his collection. I cannot but thank this inspiring reader who was able to leave an impact here in Kuwait while being miles and miles away from this country. I would also like to thank Mr. Abdulwahab for giving me some of his precious time to talk and take pictures.

To know more about Abdulwahab Al – Sayyed and his latest news and books, you can like his facebook page or follow him on twitter.

Bloggers Bowling Night at 360

Tamdeen Entertainment prepared such an exciting bowling night for bloggers at The VIP Bowl room at 360 mall. I personally needed some fun time after having such a busy week! The VIP room was very cozy, the music was boosting everyone’s energy, and everyone there was actually having a good time! Although I sucked really bad at bowling and my arm is still sore, I really had such a good time =D

I found myself in a wrap =p

The first three winners got vouchers offered  by 360 Style! Congrats for His, Moody and Lara! Everybody else were also given free game vouchers and Gold card from Tamdeen Entertainment. Special thanks for Rasha Al-Muhtaseb for her spirit and all the team there!

For more information, you can visit their website. Or you can like them on facebook or follow them on twitter!

Bloggers union second meetup

It was my first time at bloggers’ union, so I didn’t know what to expect! But I could feel from the moment I walked in the warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere that meetings usually lack.

The meeting was taking place at the Movenpick royal suits building in Free trade zone. It was noon so the sun was sneaking throughout the windows and the whole room was peachy colored =D

We were welcomed by His who introduced Lana AL Rasheed, the Director of Marketing and sales in the Royal Suites Building, who was nice enough to open the doors for any up coming meetings!

Then it was Q8stig turn to update us with a new, nice raw idea that I will update you with soon!

And of course no one leaves without eating =D

Mama Pamela’s Juice, yummy yummy

Pastries from Kiwi

and again, no one leaves without eating Gelato Italiano’s ice cream =D (I did, I had a late lunch after that with friends and didn’t want to ruin it =/ )

Oh and Pick Yo frozen yogurt!

I really enjoyed everything, the place, the people, the food, and of course the creative chatting screen created by the wonderful organizers. All the bloggers were able to chat using their phones or tablets.

Then there was this lovely contest between bloggers through asking specific questions about Kuwait blogs, which I barely answered few (ok that’s embarrassing) and then there was a raffle which BlogLaish were lucky enough to win a blackberry =D Congratulations!

In a nutshell it was such a lovely gathering! And I didn’t take many good pictures. Since I was too lazy to do so, some of the pictures above are taken from Froyonation & 7ajidude you may want to check their lovely posts out.

Many thanks to His, Q8stig, Omarker & Botamba for all the effort they put in this event to be just perfect! And of course to the lovely food providers  Kiwi Bakery, Crunchy , Mama Pamela’s Juice & Gilato Italiano.

Looking forward to the next meeting =D