Who is Halloum?

Who is behind Halloum?

  • A girl  who adores the smell of books and loves anything related to art.
  • Loves helping people and would do anything to make the earth a better place to live in.
  • Lives in routine and trying to do things she has never done before.
  • Wants to be happy and is trying to make other people happy too.
  • Loves learning new things every day.
  • Chosen recently to document her experiences through this blog instead of her notebook.

But guess what?  Notebooks never get old!

Why halloum?

No it’s not the cheese…and not my name.

Halloum is a name that have been inspired from the old Kuwaiti proverb:

“Halloum Um Al-Uloum”    ” حلوم أم العلوم ”

which is derived from an old Kuwaiti lady who had nothing to do but talking to her neighbors and friends. This proverb is told to people who pass on news without charge.

Have a good reading!



5 thoughts on “Who is Halloum?

  1. Very personal and neat effort.. like u said your are doing this to sahre anythg and everythg,,, some thing that i do also… just for sharing what we can.. Cheers and all the best!!

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