Valentina Maria Baginska @ DAI’s Music Night

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this special music night at DAI, although I know it’s going to be my loss! I have attended two musical concerts for Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska and I loved them all. I also was lucky enough to attend their Polish traditional music night celebrating the national day of Poland. However I lost the pictures and the videos I took that day and I was unable to write about it! It was a really special night with lots of beautiful folklore music that sticks to your head.

You can watch and listen to that night’s music here. ( Enjoy it )

If you have and extra hour on Wednesday, I suggest you go there to enjoy the marvelous talent of that amazingly humble and talented lady and her son.

Performers :
Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska – Organ
Karol Kusmider – Cello, Presenter, Assistant

Baroque Music Concert featuring organ and cello. Maestro Valentina Maria Baginska and Karol Kusmider will present Baroque music of British, Danish, French, German and Italian composers.

14th March 2012, 
7 p.m
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre


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