On why I love Kuwait

Waking up this morning, trying to shoo all the bad ideas of the things that are happening around the world. Just trying to think about the present and where I am. And why I consider myself lucky for ever living in this country.

If you have ever lived in Kuwait, you would know what it is to be like always looking up for the future, trying to make things better. If you have ever lived in Kuwait, you would know what it is like for a country that is doing its best to assure its people the best opportunities in the world.

I love Kuwait because it’s cosmopolitan, yet traditional. It have never lost its sense of heritage and antiquity. I love Kuwait because I can have waffle for breakfast, Machboos for lunch, and Kabab and fattoush for dinner.I love Kuwait because one piece of news can be in everyone’s mouth for less than two hours. I love Kuwait because whenever you needed a time for yourself, you can always head to the maximum 30 minutes away beach or desert. I love Kuwait because everyday there is something new and exciting going on.

I love Kuwait because if you talk about your childhood memories in this country, 7/10 people from the same age group  would have the same memories with you. I was born in 1990, if you are in a similar age, who have never played in Future Kids games arcade in Muthanna Complex in Kuwait city? Who have never sat on the fake turtles next to the Green Island? Who have never collected McDonalds toys that are so different from today’s and played in their play ground in gulf street branch?

I know if I started talking I’d never finish. I’ll stop and make you finish, whether here or in your heads.

All I wish for this day, now while the rain is falling, is for every Kuwaiti Citizen to think twice of what they got. To grab in their hands all the opportunities their country is providing them, and never take it for granted.

Forever peaceful, and forever unique.

To you Kuwait



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