Tuqous Wahshiya By Ali Al- Husaini at al-Maidan Cultural Center مسرحية طقوس وحشية للمخرج علي الحسيني

I went with my sister yesterday to al- Maidan Cultural Center to watch “Tuqous Wahshiya” in English “Brutal Rituals” by the writer Qasem Matroud and the director Ali al-Husaini.

The play isn’t very easy to understand unless you are focusing and connecting the words uttered on the stage. (Yes, it took me time to grasp the idea) The 50 minutes play is about a man who had suffered from really bad childhood experiences. And now he is having pleasure in torturing the nurse who he thinks she killed his wife in the hospital. He pretends to be her protector from an expected serial killer who she thinks he’s after her. The man puts her under horrible psychological and physical experiences before committing his crime.

What I liked mostly about this play is that the language used was classical Arabic. The lights and the theatrical effects were also perfectly conducted. Faisal al-Omairi, who played the role of the disturbed man, had a really good voice, body language, and a convincing tone. Similarly to Hanan al-Mahdi, who did a great job in her role as a nurse. She perfectly fits the role. Her expressions were realistic and convincing as well. The third actor was Essa Zeiab who was either the evil spirit of the man or his projections from the past (I really couldn’t get this one straight)

I believe that the play was right to the point, very effective in the way its delivering the message to the audience, and full of realistic emotions.


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