I`m back

It feels so good to listen again to the fast clicks my fingers are making on the keyboard! After many ups and downs I`m here to write again. I don’t remember the last time I was here checking the blog and the comments. I don’t know the main reason behind stopping for a while, yes I was really busy with work and other issues. Or the weather this year in Kuwait was so good that I felt guilty sitting at home. But maybe because I felt that I need time for myself to absorb more things and let it swim up there in my head without sharing it with you guys (you may want to call it selfishness, I don’t mind). But hoping that I will come back with fresh ideas and perspectives since many things have changed in my life. During that time were I was not writing, I had the chance to face my biggest fears, to bond with my family and friends, spend some quality time reading, and last but not least planning things a head for next year. I got offers to study abroad to complete my masters degree in one of my favorite courses, which is great. I don’t know where my life is heading right now, but I`m sure it’s all for the best!

I miss all of your contributions, your comments and your arguments.

With love,



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