Piano Carnival by Rybak and Royanov @DAI

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough not to miss the Piano Carnival that was held at Al-Maidan Cultural Center. The pianists were Bartek Rybak and Ilgiz Royanov.

The program consisted of

  • Fryderyk Chopin – Rondo in C Major Op. 73
  • Camille Saint- Saens – The Carnival of Animals
  • Darius Milhaud – Scaramouche Op. 165b.

You may think I`m so ignorant but it was my first time to know that there was something called ‘The Carnival of animals” it was so amazing I felt as if I`m in a jungle, and the two pianists played it perfectly with their hearts as u can see their facial expressions that chance with the change of the parts. The carnival of animals consist of 14 parts, my favorite was the Royal March of the lion, the elephant, and the aquarium.

You can enjoy the youtube video below like I did for the last several days. I was playing it since I got back from that piano concert.


2 thoughts on “Piano Carnival by Rybak and Royanov @DAI

    • Very true, I read recently that Camille Saint-Saëns only played it in front of close friends and rarely in public, some people thought that it might affect his reputation negatively as a composer. Tho I believe that it is his master piece.

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