How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art @ CAP

I posted about that earlier and I was dying to go there! I finally found sometime to go and check it out. In a nutshell, it’s magnificent! It was nearly empty so I enjoyed having a long detailed look in each one of the pieces, I love Arabic calligraphy so I was in heaven.

Our cow doesn’t milk but pisses plently, 2010. Embroidery (120 x162) By: Iman Raad

There are 3 pieces from this work in three different colors. I liked it since I like embroidery, but I didn’t like that there are 3 pieces of it. One would make it more unique and special.

Illumination. XXVII & XXVIII, 2011. Gold leaf, Tea, Pomegranate, Dupont Chinese ink & offset X ray film print on paper, 152x 110 cm x2. By: Ahmad Mater

I really enjoyed looking at this one. Unfortunately, it was covered with glass, so taking a close clear picture was almost impossible. I wanted to depict the golden inscriptions and designs. I found it unique, mysterious, yet familiar.

Babel, 2010. Acrylic on Canvas 170 x 170 By: Katya Traboulsi

(I don’t have the name for this painting) By: Katia Traboulsi

Remind me of Picso. I like the colors, and the the way it represents diversity and political issues. The Arabic words were strangely unclear, which I believe on purpose for some reason. Click here for the artist’s website.

The Journey, 2011. Mixed media on bored. 367 x 243. By: Amira Behbehani

A collage of colors, drawings, and material. I would simply describe it as a mixture of emotions.

Untitled, 2011. Mixed media on canvas. 180 x 260. By: Farhad Moshiri

No comment. Was the most expensive work in the gallary.

(I didn’t take a note)  By: Nargess Hashemi

This and another three similar pieces just take me back to the Safavid period. More interesting if watched closely.

Next is a collection of photographs with creative frames, and assemblages.

One of the most interesting art galleries that I have ever been to. It is still open until            Dec 10th. Click here for official website and directions.


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