Do it if you suck at it – 2

In my quest to try new things and go through experiences that I’ve never thought I will be involved in (you may want to read the original post) I got myself a humble painting kit to discover my abilities! I cannot even call it a kit, just acrylic color tubes, brushes with different sizes (you know for my creative little details to be perfect), and canvas!

I am so excited and I cannot wait to open those tubes and starting painting! I hope I can find some time soon! As for my first painting that I made using a cotton stick and black acrylic, I don’t know if I should keep it as it is or ad some colors to it, what do you think?

Don’t laugh! Ok laugh, whatever, I don’t care, it’s not like I have hopes! I know my abilities, but it’s just something I want to do for fun, is there anything wrong with that? And IF, IF you think of buying this painting, I`m telling you right away that it is not for sale. Unless I get a really good offer then, who knows?


2 thoughts on “Do it if you suck at it – 2

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