Do it if you suck at it. Why not?

I was having those horrible days for no specific reason. Nothing actually happened to me and turned off the light announcing a period of unhappiness. I was just there, trying to live my days to the fullest, enjoying the Eid break and the beautiful weather welcoming the short Kuwaiti winter. I finished my work, took a hot shower turned off my cell phone. I grabbed a small piece of canvas (which I only bought because it was extremely cheap), black Folk Art acrylic paint (I almost forgot why I have it in the first place), and a cotton stick. I soaked the stick into the paint, and started drawing nonsense, wishing I was a talented artist. Then I thought (if you are still reading), why shouldn’t I buy myself nice acrylic color collection? And the devil on my left started jumping saying: because you can’t draw nor paint! The same reason I buy lovely notebooks and don’t write, because I don’t think what I write will be good enough. The same reason I don’t cook, because I think I won’t be good enough. I realized at that point that I still don’t know what I`m good at. Like many people in this world. I know what I like, I know what I dislike, but I actually don’t know what’s the degree of production that I`ll be able to produce in this world, and how much effect I am capable of printing into the minds and hearts of people around me. I then realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of painting because I suck at it, nor should I be afraid of writing because I don’t have such an exciting thing to tell. I shall paint because I can hold a brush in my hand, and I shall write because I know how to hold a pencil in my hand. I shall sing because I have a voice, and I shall cook because I can taste. It’s going crazy in my head but I can see that I`ll be having some interesting time soon!


2 thoughts on “Do it if you suck at it. Why not?

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