Suppprt Kuwait Dive Team

Ford motor company conservation and environmental grants supported by UNESCO have made their decision. Now it’s your turn to return the favor for the Kuwait Dive Team as they are helping constantly to clean our gulf.

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A group of Kuwaiti volunteers who perform activities and projects contributing to protecting and rehabilitating marine environment since 1986. The team is part of the Kuwait Environment Protection Society which in turn is recognized by the United Nation.Kuwait Dive Team’s values are teamwork, organizational work, leadership, distinction, sacrifice, patriotism, dedicated environmental projects, and voluntary work.

* Lifting submerged ships and vessels, rescuing marine creatures, pulling fishing nets, concrete protectorates, and coastal environments.
* Environmental filed
* International field
* International presence
* International media participation
* Artistic field
* Documentary, media, and photography field
* Training field
* General activities field

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