Paintings worth looking at 2

As I promised in an earlier post, I will be sharing a some of the paintings that I saw in the book fair and I thought that they are worth looking at. The two paintings below have the same style and name.

Soar 1 by May Al- Saad 

تحليق 1 بريشة مي السعد

Soar 2 by May Al- Saad

تحليق 2 بريشة مي السعد

As you see, the two paintings represent Kuwaiti/ Gulf males in traditional clothes. The paintings are very rich in colors and contrast. I could feel the man jumping out of the canvas.

In the first painting, the man is jumping while looking at the floor and holding his “Ghetra”. I can feel that jumping is an easy task for him. Yet, he doesn’t look as if he is enjoying the process. While in the second one, we see two men, which I assume are holding hands, and enjoying the experience of jumping. The action seems to be using each muscle in their body. You can also see the face of one man smiling while lifting off his feet on a right- angle. Unlike the guy in the first picture, which I think, depicts a less joyful experience.

If I could choose between the two, I would choose the second one. One should not be afraid of flying and reaching the unexpected. One should always look up to a better future and opportunities, and only look back for the experiences learned, not for the obstacles that could face him/ her.

What do you think? Which one do you like more?


2 thoughts on “Paintings worth looking at 2

  1. I really like these two painting. The colors and the light, soft and bright shining from behind, are beautiful. Seems that I just can’t choose. They should be displayed, next to each-other, as a diptych. It might be a proper solution for a difficult question.

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