Paintings worth looking at

When I was at the book fair last Saturday, I was astonished by some of the paintings showed between Hall 5 & 6. So I thought that I could share then them here, discuss them and take your opinions.I will be posting couple of ones every day.

Note:  I apologize for the bad quality of photos as they were taken by an I phone camera. Like always, I forget my camera when I really need it.

“And the film is still running” by Muhammad Al- Sheibany

لا يزال الفيلم مستمراً بريشة محمد الشيباني

“Afandina on the Bamboo Chair” by Muhammad Al- Sheibany

أفندينا على كرسي البامبو بريشة محمد الشيباني

Amazing right? They seem like they come from a different world, and what I like is that the Gorillas are found in both of the paintings.

I really like the first one, especially if I refer it to the movie “Planet of the Apes” as in how in this world, the impossible, unreal and brutal is happening. And instead of us watching the cruelty of wild animals, they are the ones who are watching the cruelty of humanity. We are pitied   But I still do not understand the presence of the lady and the armed man in the right middle of the picture.

However, the second one is more complicated. You can see the eyes of a human above the head of a Gorilla. And the human head is covered with claws. I see rough hands, old boots, and two wooden artifacts checking this “Humanbeast” out. This “Humanbeast” seams like a prisoner, but you can see hope with the light coming from the upper left of the canvas.

I really thought of them being unique and worth taking a second look at. They were the most expensive paintings in the hall.


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