Winter in Kuwait

I just can’t wait until winter comes to Kuwait. The only thing that makes me put up with the horrible weather in summer is the beautiful winter that Kuwait has. I love the desert coldness that reaches the bones, I love the wet  Salem Al-Mubarak street, and I certainly love my Caramel hot chocolate in some outdoor cafe.

Some of the personal unique things I love doing in winter are:

  • Sit in an outside cafe with a heater when everyone is inside.
  • In a rainy day, get into a random public transportation bus and just listen to the raindrops on the windows. (Yeah, bus is different than a car)
  • Wear a heavy jacket and walk under the rain.
  • Wake up early to work, when it is still dark, look at the clock, cuddle up in bed and and ditch work.

There are many other things that I cannot recall now. But I just like the gloominess of winter sometimes.

Do you like winter in Kuwait?  What are you longing for in this winter?


One thought on “Winter in Kuwait

  1. Same here dude, i feel almost everything you said except – ” Wear a heavy jacket and walk under the rain. ” , that i’d pass , thanks for putting this up, Bless You. 🙂

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