Van Gogh did not kill himself

So Mr. Vincent van Gough did not kill himself after all! So the story of Gough’s shooting himself in the chest in 1890 was not true after all!

“Vincent Van Gogh did not kill himself, the authors of new biography Van Gogh: The Life have claimed.he was shot accidentally by two boys he knew who had “a malfunctioning gun”.The authors came to their conclusion after 10 years of study with more than 20 translators and researchers.”

Well 10 years of study cannot produce a lie after all, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Van Gogh did not kill himself

  1. There isn’t any proof that Vincent van Gogh was killed or committed suicide. What is certain that he died due to a bullet wound in his abdomen (not his chest). Vincent was a genius and an innovating artist, though also with a troubled ‘mind’. We will never know exactly how he died, but the remaining questions surrounding his last 40 hours are just in line with his life and have been an inspiration for many complot theories in the last century.

    So, it isn’t a new theory nor a lie, but it will for sure help selling their book. No doubt at all that the authors, Pullitzer-price winners Steve Naifeh and Greg Smith aren’t aware of the power of controversy.

    Still I’ll buy the book, cause Vincent van Gogh will, in my opinion, always be remembered as one of the greatest painters in history.

    • True, there is nothing certain, and all this blabbering will surely increase the sales of the book.
      And yes, he was and still an inspiration in the art history =)

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