Ibraheem Al-Bloushi – The doubles

A 73 year old Kuwaiti artist, yet, capable of being creative. Ibraheem Abdulla Al-Bloushi, is reflecting what he sees in his heart and mind with colors and art. The reality, that we cannot live on our own, and that we always need someone who can complement us, physically and spiritually, and this is how he created his   “Thona’aeyat” or “The doubles”.

I went to his exhibition located in Kuwait Arts Association couple of days ago and I really loved what I saw. The paintings are 14 pairs, 28 canvases. Each pair represents the same idea, but with a contrast in color, direction, and feeling.

You can still go to the exhibition as it is available until October 20th.

Kuwait Arts Association
Behind college of business studies (men)
Beirut street


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