When this was a WOW – A walk in the past

My family and I decided to have the Friday family lunch today in “Khaybar” one of my all times favorite restaurants in Kuwait city. Then like usual, I took a walk to “Al- Muthanna Complex” to refresh my childhood memories. I always used to go there as a child and play in the “Future Kid” arcade in the second floor. And my mom would by me something from a Disney store that was in the basement (that doesn’t exist anymore) and go to one of my favorite book stores The Kuwait Bookshops Co. Ltd. and buy myself a lady bird book =D. I some how did the same today, enjoyed my late lunch, walked around, got myself something old from the book shop, and went home happy. In the photo above, I was actually looking at the chandelier, remembering how I used to stare at it when I was young and WOW it. It seems that wheneverwe grow up, things tend to get smaller and worthless.

My quote of the day “Think like an old woman, enjoy like a young kid”


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