Young Kuwaiti Classical concert in Dar Al-Athar

I went yesterday to the Young Kuwaiti Classical concert that was held in Dar Al-Athar in Maidan Hawalli. It was actually my first time in Dar Al-Athar. It is a small building located inside Abdulla Al-Salem school. I really liked the place, there is this boutique that sells eastern and oriental accessories, books, gadgets, and those nice useless expensive things that you buy and don’t know where to place them later on. I got myself a really nice notebook and a book called “Islam and Romantic Orientalism” which I can’t wait to read!

The concert started at 7 sharp (which was amazing as I don’t recall any event here in Kuwait that ever started on time.) and ended exactly at 8. It was an hour of amusement and serenity. Little Lolwa Al-Shamlan played beautiful pieces in the Piano followed by the talented Faisal Al-Buhairy who did Solos on the Piano and other notes with the Loyac Music team and other musicians.

I really enjoyed my evening yesterday.

For more information about the up coming events in Al- Dar Museum, you can check their website or like them on facebook.


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