Paint Umbrellas for peace – Matt Lamb’s exhibition @ AUK

As posted previously about Matt Lamb’s Art exhibition in AUK, I went today with my friend to check his art pieces out.

I really found his paintings abnormal and somehow inspiring. Full of colors with a harsh brush stroke.


I was then directed by one of the security ladies to the out side to do some umbrella painting. I was really excited =D

I love colors and painting (not that I`m good at it) but it is always exciting to hold a brush and paint randomly. So me & my friend decided to divide the umbrella to half, each will do one side. So….

Not very creative ha?

Then I ended up hating the whole thing! So I soaked my hands in the paint and messed up with the whole thing…I know it looks ugly, but it was such a merry process =D

The final touch! (Of course not mine haha)

What was really extraordinary, is this umbrella

Isn’t it just amazing? I found the idea very very original and the painter has such a light hand. So I asked her to take a photo with her umbrella and she said yes.

Shocked?!!!! Her name is “White” as she said it pointing at the white color. AUK students, if you have any art assignment, just go to her! It would be great if anyone can start a painted umbrella business and hire her. She’s just so creative, so are the AUK students. You can check their umbrella collection below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Read more about Lamb’s inspiring story and his Paint an Umbrella for peace campaign.


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