Young Kuwaiti Classical Musicians’ Concert

Dar Al- Athar will be hosting fresh new Kuwaiti talents on Oct. 12th at 7 pm. Its a classical music concert that will be featuring young talents as:

1- Lolwa Al-Shamlan (Pianist)
2- Salim Al-Mathkoor (Violinist)
3- Faisal Al-Bahairi (Pianist)

Lolwa Al-Shamlan is a very young Kuwaiti girl studying piano professionally in the UK.

Salim Al-Mathkoor will play some of the most favourtie music for the Violin, including Monti’s Czardas, Brahms 5th rhapsody, and  Korsakov’s Flight of the bumble bee.

The concert will end with Chopin’s 2nd piano concerto Op.21 with Professional string quartet accompanying Faisal Al-Bahairi!

The concert has a Free Entrance policy, but seats are limited. Be at least 5 minutes before the concert.

check here for more updates and information.

I personally can’t wait!


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