Do girls turn to monsters behind wheels?

Enjoying a lovely day, blessed with a good mood, sit behind the wheels, start driving, and suddenly, everything changes!

Is it true that people turn to be aggressive behind wheels?

I never shout (that’s a lie, anyway that’s not the point), I do not curse (I don’t…REALLY!) and I`m never rude (yes that’s true) but suddenly, when I start driving it’s a whole different story!

Why? I have no clue. I found this research that was conducted in 2010, that girls tend to be more aggressive than boys behind wheels.

“It is somewhat surprising. Girls are becoming a little more aggressive as far as driving with speed,” said The Allstate Foundation’s Jeff Ormond. “They’re adopting some of that traditional male behavior and it’s just kind of closing the gender gap, so to speak.”

Still not convincing.

Do you get aggressive behind wheels?



3 thoughts on “Do girls turn to monsters behind wheels?

  1. I’m a very cold driver. But when I see a young girl being stupid behind the wheel I get furious lol. It’s only with young girls. and sometimes women. I actually hate how the stereotype of women being bad drivers is usually true. And such women are what make it true :@

    • haha exactly! Sometimes when I do something stupid I tell myself “It’s ok, they’ll excuse you, you’re a woman” This stereotype is being vaccinated in my blood =p

  2. I become extremely aggressive in response to other idiot drivers that I encounter, I think the traffic problem is really the cause of my road rage because I can’t stand the hour long car rides everyday twice a day. Other than that, I try my best to keep my cool because in the end I know it’s not worth getting worked up about.

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