Crush it! Passion is everything

I have always hated business and it’s people (no offense) because they always play with my nerves. I know some people in the business field, whether they are successful or not, they always picture business to me as a chest full of money! Business to me meant greediness, senseless, emotionless, careless, and last but not least PASSIONLESS.

Well, not until I read the first chapter of Gary Vaynerchuck‘s book Crush it! I honestly read some few articles about this book, but I did not get what Gary meant about passion being fused with business completely until I read the first and personally, the best chapter in his book, “Passion is everything”.

The whole book is simple, and can be finished in a couple of hours if you are a fast reader, and couple of days if you don’t have time. The language is clear, simple, and direct. It is like reading a blog, or listening to someone talking to you. Gary is addressing his readers personally to make it easier for them to implement his messages in their heads.

He even spelled his last name on the book cover as  Vay . ner . chuck, to make it sound simpler. (Now I know how to spell it correctly!)

“Live your passion. What does it mean, anyway? It means that when you get up for work every morning, every single morning, you are pumped because you get to talk about or work with or do the thing that interests you the most in the world. You don’t live for vacations because you don’t need a break from what you’re doing.”

Vaynerchuch, Crush it!

Whatever Gary is talking about, can be implemented in the lives of each one of you whether you are a business holder, blogger, or even a normal person who wants to improve the quality of his life. Or simpler, to be HAPPY.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t do your work while you are enjoying it. If you do what you love and passionate about, you can wake up early in the morning without the need of Caffeine! If you love what you do, you’ll be creative at it. And simply, life would move from stupid depressing routine, to a life full of adventures.

If you haven’t read the book yet, it is still available in Virgin Megastore.

Gary will be coming to Kuwait on Oct. 25th, for more information about his seminar, click here.


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