Loyac announcing their poetry night – أمسية لوياك الشعرية

Announcing LoYAC Poetry Night on 7th December 2011 at Bayt Lothan, Salmyia. Join us for an evening to enjoy the beautiful rhymes or share your poem with for more information please contact: 97239420, b-arafa@loyac.org
Last day for receiving the poem on 30th November 2011

لمن لدية موهبة فى الشعر بكافة أنواعــة ( فصحى – نبطى – إنجليزى) يدعوكم لويــاك للإنضمــام والمشاركة فى الأمسية الشعرية التى ستقام بتاريخ 7 / 12 / 2011 بلوياك – بيت لوذان السالمية.
لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الإتصال 97239420
بريد الكترونى : b-arafa@Loyac.org
اخر موعد لتسليم القصائد 30 نوفمبر 2011


How big was the world’s population when you were born?

One of my readers shared this interesting link with me. Just insert your birth of date and you will know the number of world’s population when you were born! Interesting right?

Here’s the population when I was born:

On Saturday January 27, 1990, the global population was approximately:


Now I know my order in this world! Do you think it matters? Or is it just a number?

Paintings worth looking at

When I was at the book fair last Saturday, I was astonished by some of the paintings showed between Hall 5 & 6. So I thought that I could share then them here, discuss them and take your opinions.I will be posting couple of ones every day.

Note:  I apologize for the bad quality of photos as they were taken by an I phone camera. Like always, I forget my camera when I really need it.

“And the film is still running” by Muhammad Al- Sheibany

لا يزال الفيلم مستمراً بريشة محمد الشيباني

“Afandina on the Bamboo Chair” by Muhammad Al- Sheibany

أفندينا على كرسي البامبو بريشة محمد الشيباني

Amazing right? They seem like they come from a different world, and what I like is that the Gorillas are found in both of the paintings.

I really like the first one, especially if I refer it to the movie “Planet of the Apes” as in how in this world, the impossible, unreal and brutal is happening. And instead of us watching the cruelty of wild animals, they are the ones who are watching the cruelty of humanity. We are pitied   But I still do not understand the presence of the lady and the armed man in the right middle of the picture.

However, the second one is more complicated. You can see the eyes of a human above the head of a Gorilla. And the human head is covered with claws. I see rough hands, old boots, and two wooden artifacts checking this “Humanbeast” out. This “Humanbeast” seams like a prisoner, but you can see hope with the light coming from the upper left of the canvas.

I really thought of them being unique and worth taking a second look at. They were the most expensive paintings in the hall.

An inspiring meeting at Kuwait’s 36th book fair

I want to talk about this remarkably weird story that happened to me the other day. So me and my sister decided to visit the book fair in it’s last day since I didn’t have time to go during the week. The book fair was normal, nothing different from it’s last several years. I always hope that more publishing houses out side the Arab world would actually come and show their books. But what was remarkable, is me meeting a very distinguished local writer (which of course I never heard about because I don’t read Arabic literature, but I`m starting to from now!) You may ask why meeting a local writer would be considered remarkable? Well, the answer is that one of my blog readers, who happens to be in Holland, is the one who told me about Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Sayyed and his book collection. Meeting this person was such a privilege, people were following him to sign their books, yet he was so humble. I also had the chance to meet his lovely family at that certain time. And I also bought one of his books, the one you can see the picture of above and which I will be posting about it after reading it, and hopefully will get the rest of his collection. I cannot but thank this inspiring reader who was able to leave an impact here in Kuwait while being miles and miles away from this country. I would also like to thank Mr. Abdulwahab for giving me some of his precious time to talk and take pictures.

To know more about Abdulwahab Al – Sayyed and his latest news and books, you can like his facebook page or follow him on twitter.

Picaso’s Tete De Femme pencil sketch retrieved

I just read an article on BBC talking about Picaso’s  Tete De Femme stolen pencil sketch. I didn’t know that it was actually stolen and I can’t even think of how a man can simply hold such a valuable sketch under his arm without being noticed by the security in San Francisco art gallery. The sketch is now recovered without its frame. Art Gallary guards would better watch out! Not all the people with high taste can afford buying such pieces.

Green Caravan film festival 2011 – Kuwait

I`m really excited about the Green Caraval film festival that will be taking place in both Kuwait and Dubai this November.

“The Green Caravan Film Festival is a celebration of the environment and the art of film making. The 3rd season of the festival brings more exciting and award wining films to the region that we hope will inspire and perhaps, do what all art and learning hopes to do, change you.  This year we have screenings in both Kuwait and Dubai in venues that we have chosen for their beauty and their commitment to culture and to our common mission to spark environmental action.”

You can visit their website to see what is it all about, you can also watch the movies’ trailers and even volunteer!

Winter in Kuwait

I just can’t wait until winter comes to Kuwait. The only thing that makes me put up with the horrible weather in summer is the beautiful winter that Kuwait has. I love the desert coldness that reaches the bones, I love the wet  Salem Al-Mubarak street, and I certainly love my Caramel hot chocolate in some outdoor cafe.

Some of the personal unique things I love doing in winter are:

  • Sit in an outside cafe with a heater when everyone is inside.
  • In a rainy day, get into a random public transportation bus and just listen to the raindrops on the windows. (Yeah, bus is different than a car)
  • Wear a heavy jacket and walk under the rain.
  • Wake up early to work, when it is still dark, look at the clock, cuddle up in bed and and ditch work.

There are many other things that I cannot recall now. But I just like the gloominess of winter sometimes.

Do you like winter in Kuwait?  What are you longing for in this winter?

Bloggers Bowling Night at 360

Tamdeen Entertainment prepared such an exciting bowling night for bloggers at The VIP Bowl room at 360 mall. I personally needed some fun time after having such a busy week! The VIP room was very cozy, the music was boosting everyone’s energy, and everyone there was actually having a good time! Although I sucked really bad at bowling and my arm is still sore, I really had such a good time =D

I found myself in a wrap =p

The first three winners got vouchers offered  by 360 Style! Congrats for His, Moody and Lara! Everybody else were also given free game vouchers and Gold card from Tamdeen Entertainment. Special thanks for Rasha Al-Muhtaseb for her spirit and all the team there!

For more information, you can visit their website. Or you can like them on facebook or follow them on twitter!

Kuwait 26HR Karting race in November – GulfRun


GulfRun will be organizing a 26Hour Endurance Karting Race in Kuwait City on the 25th and 26th of November.

  • You may have a minimum of 4 drivers and a maximum of 12 drivers per team.
  • Teams can be sponsored by a Company or Organization, with the opportunity to brand the Go-Kart, Pit Garage and Team apparel.
  • All participants must be local drivers; 18 and above.
  • This endurance race will be regulated by UK Marshalls according to FIA regulations

Click here for more information and details about the race and the registration.