Judgement day Sept. 26th? FAIL


Lovely day, nice whether, and very productive. That was my day on  Sept 26th. Did you feel anything unusual? I don’t like watching those stuff, and I know deep inside that it is wrong. But what is wrong with people? What is the next date? I wonder


6 thoughts on “Judgement day Sept. 26th? FAIL

  1. I hadn’t watched this video before sept 26 but I had seen one called the quickening.It’s interesting that there was so much scientific evidence to support the probability of huge seismic activity and nothing out of the ordinary happened.Just goes to show ,I guess, Live Here Now . The future isn’t here yet.Whatever happens , and whatever the fuck it is I hope it happens soon,we will be much more able to respond effectively if we have regained consciousness,discovered who and what we are and how we work,healed our wounds and learned to inhabit our bodies, thereby infusing matter with spirit.When we do that we heighten the vibratory frequency of the matter (Mother) and when our internal balance and wholeness is found, when we remember our selves, then and only then will our physical reflection change accordingly.This mess we see in the world around us is an amazingly accurate reflection of our collective human state.Healing ourselves and contacting our wholeness is the best thing we can do for each other and the only way we will change the world.When we are whole we are effective.That’s where our “power” lies. The future isn’t here yet.And yet ,possibilities abound.We are directed by our intent and the clarity or unclarity of our intent will match our ability to manifest.What do you choose in this moment.Can you see the finest future you can imagine?A world where all life is honored, where all life is greeted ,asked, and thanked .Where children are listened to and revered and sanctity is not violated.Where there is abundance of love and food and we live with organic technology driven by our cooperation with the elements of nature…we live in harmony, we live together,we each live a piece of the wheel and together we make the wheel turn,with all of our innate gifts offered up to the center.Can you see it ?.Be there .Live it . Experience it.We are equipped with imaginations.Our imaginations are scoffed at and we are told to come out of them and “stop daydreaming”.Our imaginations are powerful.The combination of seeing ourselves there…in the world where all life is honored,feeling as tho we are really there.Sensing that reality with as many of our senses as possible and mostly on an emotional physical level…what does it feel like?.We are creative beings.We can’t help it.We are made of the same stuff as the very source of all Life.A creative force indeed.No matter what we think .believe,say ,do…every breath we take creates.That is what matters.Not watching videos on u-tube when we could be out in the sun.Live it! .I’m going outside and I hope to meet you all soon in the world we know is there…within us.Love and Peace.the new world is here and now and we won’t find it anywhere else.
    I’m interested in follow up comments but no other emails please and thankyou.Ciao for now…Cedar

    • I would like to thank you for your meaningful participation. What you are talking about, my friend, is Utopia, which I personally do not believe in. People can of course live in a collaborative and a productive society where most of the members have a certain degree of satisfaction. But there will be always those bad people, who are full of envy and jealousy. This is the world and this is one of the humanities’ nature which we were born with as humans. As a deep believer in my religion, such things are meaningless. When you do good, you will receive good ; whether in this life or the after life. If you follow the rules, you will be away from the bad things and the bad people. But sometimes you can’t, because this is fate. Live your life to the utmost. Work as if there are thousand years to come, and have fun as if this is your last day on earth. And remember Einstein’s quote:
      “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
      Thank you again.

  2. Thanks for your response.The way I see it…as we heal and transform our “shadow” or the parts of the one which have become so dense that light cannot penetrate…we heighten our vibrational frequency.When I walk into a dark room with a candle the darkness is transformed into light. So when we heal …become our full potential… how our creator intended us to be…
    then .Oh my goodness the run on sentence is exhausting.O.K. regroup.I have experienced in my life that my sphere of experience is a reflection of my internal state.A very accurate reflection.So as for the “bad ” people ,if we are in a state of grace we attract wholeness.I agree with you when you say it cannot be avoided as sometimes it is our path to care for the lepers as did mother teresa.But she was in a state of grace so she saw the truth of each spirit .She saw thru the eyes of love.If we fear and avoid “bad” people it is , I believe , because of unresolved issues and emotions within us.At least when we can inhabit our full potential self we are better equipped to cope with” bad” people.
    Check out a book called “the peace pilgrim” if you haven’t read it i highly recommend it.There is a scene when she, this little old lady , takes an errant youth out hiking.He is a teenage male.He suddenly launches a verbal attack and becomes angry and threatening.All she can feel is compassion. She simply sees him thru the eyes of love and he melts into tears.His heart felt safe to open and he was transformed in that moment because of her ability to see the truth of his wounded spirit.What a powerful story.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, I will try to find that book soon, and mother Teresa was one of the most inspiring women on earth, I agree. As for what you said, if you believe in it, then it is right!

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