Saudi restaurant FINES diners for leftovers

I read this amazing piece of news in en.v blog that a Saudi restaurant will be fining diners who fail to finish their meals.

“Bosses at Marmar Restaurant in Dammam are said to vary the level of leftover charge depending on how much food has been left on the plate.”

“There are many clients who make large orders in order to impress the people around them and boost their social prestige,” he said, as quoted by Saudi media.

I really loved the idea! I remember posting an article about the same issue. I always feel bad if anything stayed in my plate when I`m eating outside home. I usually take my leftovers as a take away. But many people don’t. I see people ordering lots and lots of food, many stays in the plate and end up in the garbage. Applying this technique in restaurants will absolutely change people’s perspective and will reduce the waste in the same time. I know that deep inside each and every person in this world we know what we do is wrong, but all we need is a reminder, and sometimes, a FINE like this. I really wish to see this happening in Kuwait.


3 thoughts on “Saudi restaurant FINES diners for leftovers

  1. That is really really really stupid. There are so many other ways you can deal with that situation instead of punishing the customer. The customer pays for the amount of food they order, and the restaurant has no right to punish people for choosing to either eat it all up or not finish. One viable solution is to save the food that has not been eaten/touched and give it away to homeless people, which certainly increase the popularity of the restaurant and would be positive PR compared to the negative PR this will generate.

    • Thanks for sharing. You actually have a point about the customer’s right. However, I want to make two points here:
      The first is, giving away the leftovers to the homeless people wouldn’t solve a problem. It brings extra work to the restaurant and would not help people to be aware of this issue. Fining people, in my opinion as I don’t know what was the rational behind it when it was first created, is an act of raising awareness about this problem that no body pays attention to. And if that all the extra money could be used for charity, it would be great. Just doing this thing, and being spread allover the world through newspapers & blogs is just a good reminder of people.
      Second, you can always not go to the restaurant if you don’t like the idea =)

  2. I know that this idea has those really good intentions.. but somehow it sounds “yuk” i wouldn’t eat someone’s leftovers & pay money over it.
    any restaurant can just decrease the mount in each plate & force the customers to take their leftovers & make this as a social behavior .. healthy & practicing the real islam …

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