Our experience at Cinemagic

Me and my sister were invited the other day by Froyonation  to watch a movie in Cinemagic’s VIP room. I really loved the place! It was my first time for me there though I always wanted to come with my sister to their open air cinema on Thursday nights, however I was always busy attending my night classes. Cinemagic is located inNorth Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak st. Above LG electronics. You can take the left behind the snacks shop where you can see this sign board.

Once we got out of the elevator, We were directed to the VIP room. Those are some posters hanged on the hallway walls.

There are twelve seats similar to this one below. Very comfy that I can spend hours and hours on it watching movies!

You can adjust the chair the way you want it to be until you are completely relaxed.

There is also this nice guy who comes and ask for your orders of refreshments! Cool right =D?

I really loved the place. The outdoor screenings will be starting in October (I can’t wait!)

You can Like their new fan page on facebook for more updates & check their Blog for any updates from movies making to weekly screenings.


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