A childhood memory

The other day, I was reading what a friend of mine wrote about Harry Potter as her childhood memory, and how it’s going to be missed by everyone after the series of both the books and the movies has finally ended in July, and I started thinking that reading Harry Potter’s books was never really part of my childhood, though I started watching the movies later on, I used to read something else. Do you remember the five adventurers and the mysteries they used to solve? Have they been part of your childhood as well, or you haven’t heard of them? I remember I used to live on these stories or “Adventures”, would read them over and over again without getting bored. A hundred Fils each, everyone I bought was a precious addition to the sacred collection which I had no doubt in my mind I will be keeping with me forever, and who knows, even give to my children after me. Yes, those stories were so special in a way that made me, in my childish naivety, consider them a hereditary family treasure that will soon be lost from the market and be worth millions afterwards. And now, every time I think of how obsessed I was with those adventures, I smile wondering about what made them so special, because I read one of them now and realize how simple and weak the language is, and how silly and childish some adventures are, but I guess only an adult mind would notice these flaws. To a child, like I used to be, they were perfect. They simply represented the exciting thrilling life every child dreams to have, and the hard-to-reach reality he gladly lives every time he reads one of them. They opened my fantasy and mind to so many new things and ideas and definitely had a share in bringing me up to be who I am today. So no matter how old and dusty those adventures were, they will always remain an unforgettable part of my childhood and of thousands of other people’s as well.


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