Bloggers union second meetup

It was my first time at bloggers’ union, so I didn’t know what to expect! But I could feel from the moment I walked in the warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere that meetings usually lack.

The meeting was taking place at the Movenpick royal suits building in Free trade zone. It was noon so the sun was sneaking throughout the windows and the whole room was peachy colored =D

We were welcomed by His who introduced Lana AL Rasheed, the Director of Marketing and sales in the Royal Suites Building, who was nice enough to open the doors for any up coming meetings!

Then it was Q8stig turn to update us with a new, nice raw idea that I will update you with soon!

And of course no one leaves without eating =D

Mama Pamela’s Juice, yummy yummy

Pastries from Kiwi

and again, no one leaves without eating Gelato Italiano’s ice cream =D (I did, I had a late lunch after that with friends and didn’t want to ruin it =/ )

Oh and Pick Yo frozen yogurt!

I really enjoyed everything, the place, the people, the food, and of course the creative chatting screen created by the wonderful organizers. All the bloggers were able to chat using their phones or tablets.

Then there was this lovely contest between bloggers through asking specific questions about Kuwait blogs, which I barely answered few (ok that’s embarrassing) and then there was a raffle which BlogLaish were lucky enough to win a blackberry =D Congratulations!

In a nutshell it was such a lovely gathering! And I didn’t take many good pictures. Since I was too lazy to do so, some of the pictures above are taken from Froyonation & 7ajidude you may want to check their lovely posts out.

Many thanks to His, Q8stig, Omarker & Botamba for all the effort they put in this event to be just perfect! And of course to the lovely food providers  Kiwi Bakery, Crunchy , Mama Pamela’s Juice & Gilato Italiano.

Looking forward to the next meeting =D


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