My favorite movies of all time

Whenever someone asks me about my favorite movie, I say that I don’t have one. People have succeeded to create many great movies over the years, but how do I pick my favorite one? Is it supposed to be including my favorite actor, writer, or producer?

I think I eventually found the answer that satisfies me, it is the movie that I can watch everyday and never get bored of it. So, do you have such favorite movies which you can watch everyday without being bored of?

Here is my list! Share yours =D

  1.  Home alone 1& 2.
  2.  You’ve got mail.
  3.  The sound of music.
  4.  The other Bolyn girl.
  5.  Brave heart.
  6.  National treasure 1.
  7.  Sweeny Todd.
  8.  Cast away.
  9.  I love you man.
  10. Sense and sensibility.

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