Tora Bora 100% amazing Kuwaiti Movie

I was invited yesterday for the first Premier Show of the film “Tora Bora”. I was so excited as it was the first time for me to watch an original Kuwaiti movie in the theater. It felt amazing especially that the spirit of one of my favorite actors “Saad Al-Faraj” was around. I grabbed my pop corn, had a seat and was ready to watch =D!

The quality of the movie was unexpected, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be that big. The editing was great, as well as the actors’ performance. The whole story and the way they showed it was very engaging. I was crying in most of the scenes and I bet many were doing that too. Such a great and hard work by the director “Waleed Al-Awadhi” and all the cast “Saad Al-Farag”, “Asmahan Tawfeeq”, “Khalid Ameen”, and other Kuwaiti and Arab actors.

I can’t wait for more Kuwaiti movies =D

The movie will be on theaters starting from the first day of Eid.


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