My reading challenge – one book finished

Remember the reading challenge that Q8 blend started it in the beginning of Ramadan? Well, I`m very ashamed to say that I only finished one book =( I know I still have time but things are getting extremely busy through this month. I shouldn’t have acted smart and raised my bar to triple! But I should live with the consequences of my actions!

One of my challenge books and the only one I managed to finish  was “The reluctant fundamentalist” by Muhsin Hamed.

It is a very simple engaging book with an amazing storytelling technique. The book is talking about a Pakistani student living in Manhattan and how his life changed after September 11th.

I will be starting my other challenge books soon! I hope I can make it before Eid.



2 thoughts on “My reading challenge – one book finished

  1. Ya Elaaahi Mabrooook 🙂

    First of all that’s so great u finished a book & second no need to be hard on ur self the important thing how u felt when u turned the last page & how much u have learned and enjoyed while reading it.

    I know how much u r becoming busy with all the events & Crush it so I don’t blame u infact I’m proud of u dear 🙂

  2. =D Thank you for your nice words!
    Yes to be honest things are getting really busy inside and outside the blogging sphere. And yes the book was amazing and I enjoyed every page of it =) One need to be hard on himself to get things done sometimes, if not, at least for me, nothing would be achieved!
    Thanks again =D

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