Viva’s Social Media Ghabga

I was invited last Thursday to Viva’s social media Ghabga in Marina Hotel. The whole thing was just amazing! I had the chance to meet great people and bloggers. It was such an interactive event. I also had the chance to witness one of the 8th wonders in my life “well for me” when two generous men, gave up their free ticket to Manchester to attend one of Manchester United games, for a real fan! The spirit was amazing and I just had a good time myself!

I will keep you now with the photos to enjoy =D

Loved the lighting and the decoration!

Simple table decoration and lighting.

I didn’t know what was it, but certainly something tasty =p

Creative news by Mic Embatla3

Lovely Lujain picking the winner’s coupon!

The first winner!

The final winner!

I just love Ramadan decoration and food!

Great gifts from Viva! Thank you =D

Yes =D I managed to win an iPhone that night, don’t ask how! But that sure made me move eventually to the new world! (Yeah, I`m just an old fashioned girl)


Thank you Viva =D


2 thoughts on “Viva’s Social Media Ghabga

  1. Congrats on the iPhone, I know I’m a bit late but I’ve had this tab open since the day of the Ghabga hehe and I haven’t yet commented you won fair and square 😀

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