First day: Something represents me – 30 days photo challenge

Remember the challenge my dear Froyonation suggested couple of days ago? And I did some little modifications myself? Well today is the first day in my challenge =D The pictures is:

Something represents me

I will be sharing two photos, one for myself, and another for a dear reader who asked me to share his challenge pictures for you guys to see! I`ll be referring to him by his first initial (J)!

My first day photo:

There is this quote which I love “Tell me what you read and I`ll tell you who you are”

So I found that books are the best representative of me, because I am what I read, and I wouldn’t be who I am now without my lovely books =)

(J)’s first day photo:

” I am what I achieve” is (J)’s way of representing himself! His achievements he says, define him as an individual =)

Let me know what you think about the photos =D Tomorrow’s picture will be “What I wore”.

I just love this challenge!


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